FamilyTime – The Best App to Control Kids Phones


It is an undeniable fact that kids of the digital age spend most of their time engaged with smartphones, tablets, and other screens. Though technology and the internet bring countless productive avenues for kids’ learning, growth, and development, it also poses several harms. Do you, as parents, struggle to manage your kids’ excessive usage of screens? Perhaps, it is time to look for an app to control kid’s phones, such as FamilyTime.

What is FamilyTime?

FamilyTime is one of the most renowned parental control apps (a.k.a., an app to control kid’s phones) that offers numerous impressive features to help parents manage their kids’ daily activities. It is a complete software solution that can help you protect kids against online and real-world threats. Let’s look into how it can help you control your kids’ phones and safeguard their digital lives.

Why Is It the Best App to Control Kids’ Phones?

FamilyTime offers foolproof and innovative solutions to protect kids from various dangers posed by online communities. Here is why it is the best app to control kid’s phones.

  • Reduce Screen Time

Parents can seamlessly reduce kids’ screen time using FamilyTime’s Screen Time Limit feature. You can set time limits for individual apps and ensure that your kids won’t use their devices excessively. 

  • Increase Kids’ Productivity 

Parents can create customized daily routines for their kids using the Screen Time Schedule feature. For instance, you can specify times for homework, house chores, meal times, bedtime, etc., and prevent kids from using their devices during those times. Thus, increasing their productivity.

  • Ensure Their Digital Safety

Parents can ensure their kids’ digital safety by using FamilyTime’s Internet Filter and App Blocker features. These features allow parents to prevent kids from accessing unsuitable websites, content, games, and apps.

  • Protect Teens on The Road 

FamilyTime doesn’t just cater to the safety of young kids. It is also a suitable app to control kid’s phones who are teens. For instance, its Teen Safe Drive feature helps parents keep their teens safer on the road by specifying a speed limit for them. Teens must stick to that speed limit. If they exceed it, their parents receive instant notifications.

  • Create a Virtual Fence Around Kids

FamilyTime offers a feature called Geofence that allows parents to mark places frequented by their kids, such as school, a friend’s house, malls, usual places they hang out with friends, etc. They receive immediate notifications as soon as kids enter or leave those places. 

  • Safeguard Kids Against Predators & Other Threats 

Parents can protect their kids from threats like sexual predators, scams, phishing, online grooming, etc. FamilyTime’s Call & SMS Monitoring feature can flag suspicious communication containing words or phrases related to sexting, suicidal ideation, depression, profanity, etc. 

Moreover, it offers an SOS/Panic Button as well. It allows kids to ask parents for help in emergencies. If kids feel threatened by the presence of a stranger, get harassed by bullies, or feel as if they are being followed, they can press this button and notify parents (with their current location) that they need help.

The FamilyTime parental control for iPhone strives to provide state-of-the-art services to its users. It is affordable and easy to use too.

Is It Free to Use?

FamilyTime is a great app to control kid’s phones. It offers a 3-day free trial and four monthly payment plans ranging from $1.15/month to $2.25/month. It works well with iOS and Android devices, which makes it even more appealing to many parents. So, sign up now and make parenting easier for yourself.