Shipping or Transporting Your Car Without Driving It – Quotes & More


Many people bring their vehicles with them when relocating permanently for work or taking long road trips, but driving long distances is tiring and hazardous to both you and your vehicle.

By shipping your vehicle with an auto transport company, you can mitigate this risk and ensure a smooth journey for everyone involved. Before you start your journey with a company, keep the following details in mind and make sure you get an estimate or quote beforehand.


If you are considering shipping your car without driving it yourself, there are a variety of methods you can choose from to do it. Open transport ( is an economical and fast option with numerous pickup/delivery date options; however there are certain considerations you should keep in mind when considering this route.

Open transport may be more cost-effective, but it exposes your vehicle to the elements during transit and road debris; consequently, scratches or dents could occur upon arrival. Open transport should not be considered suitable for high-end cars and luxury vehicles.

Open transport trucks are large two-level trailers used by transportation companies to haul cars. You may have seen these on the highway as they often transport other cars for transportation companies.

Its main advantage over enclosed transportation is speed; ideal for standard cars and relatively cost effective options when shipping your car overseas – but ensure you can get a realistic quote beforehand. If you are shipping with an open carrier, requesting top load could be beneficial in protecting your car from being damaged by other cars on board. It can provide fast transportation of their cars.

When comparing prices, make sure to consider both total shipping distance and vehicle details like year, make and model. Choose an option that best meets both your budget and needs if uncertain which way is the right way for you; or contact an auto transport company directly for a no-committal, no-cost quote.


When it comes to shipping your car, there are various services and carriers to consider when selecting one for transporting. Open may be more affordable but may leave your car exposed to harsh road conditions and weather elements while enclosed provide greater protection and peace of mind.

Open involves loading your vehicle on an open truck trailer. This method can reduce costs by enabling carriers to transport more cars at once, but its downsides include exposure to rain, dirt and road debris on its journey; particularly true if shipping it from or to rural locations.

Open-air transport is typically the fastest and most affordable method of shipping your car. Finding a company to give you free car shipping quotes is a good place to start. However, finding a company to accommodate your schedule should not be difficult with open air shipping if booked through a reputable broker; but be wary that some brokers might try and scam you!

An enclosed vehicle transport trailer features walls and roof, similar to that of an 18-wheeler. It is often chosen for high-end cars or exotic vehicles as its hydraulic lift gate makes loading and unloading simple; once driven into it, this trailer also helps protect it against wind and weather elements.

Hiring a Driver

If you need to transport your vehicle from one state to another, there are various options available to you for doing so. These may include shipping it through a company, hiring a driver or taking the more traditional approach by train or ship. Shipping may be more costly, but at the same time reduces wear-and-tear wear by eliminating lengthy driving.

According to this guide, hiring a driver can be one of the more cost-effective methods of transporting your car, but it comes with some risk. It is crucial that you select someone whom you can trust with your vehicle’s care, although finding people willing to do this work for a fee has become much simpler thanks to professional driving companies and websites which connect car owners and drivers.

While hiring this type of driver could save money on gas expenses, ensure the experience and safety of any prospective candidates before proceeding with this route.

Full-time employees of transportation companies that specialize in long-haul trucking know how to take short cuts through traffic-free routes for faster service and can usually guarantee pickup and delivery within a specific period. Plus, most private drivers offer comprehensive vehicle coverage in case of accidents or any other mishaps!

The downsides to using a private drive include being more costly, and your driver can only focus on your car instead of handling an entire fleet. This option might not be ideal if moving it with someone close to you; take time to consider who would best suit this task for your comfort before choosing this method. For optimal results when taking this route it would be wiser to opt for concierge transportation service which vets its drivers as well as providing comprehensive insurance coverage.