Robert Kraft Marries Long-Time Girlfriend in Surprise Wedding Ceremony


Robert Kraft and Dana Blumberg, who have been dating for five years, recently married in New York City at the Hall des Lumieres. However, the 200 people in attendance had no idea they were really there to celebrate the marriage of the owner of the New England Patriots and his board-certified ophthalmologist fiancé. The couple chose to keep many of the wedding details private, just as they have details about their relationship.

Kraft Met Blumberg Six Years After Becoming a Widower

Robert and Myra Kraft were married for 48 years when she died of ovarian cancer 11 years ago. Kraft was open about his loneliness after Myra died, stating that he cried every night for 10 months after her passing. Although he dated a few others before meeting Blumberg, he would not describe any of them as serious.

Everything changed for Kraft after he and Blumberg met in 2017. Although the pair has not shared how they met or many details of their relationship, they have remained closely connected for the past five years and clearly enjoy one another’s company.

Kraft and Blumberg Invite 200 Guests to a Kickoff and Touchdown Party

The surprise wedding ceremony, held on October 14, 2022, drew several high-profile celebrities. Tom Brady, the star quarterback for the Patriots who guided the team to six Super Bowl Victories between 2002 and 2019, was one of them. Some others included Kenny Chesney, Jon Bon Jovi, NBA commissioner Adam Silver, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Most of the guests assumed they had received an invitation to a party and had no idea it was a wedding celebration. They didn’t discover they were celebrating a wedding until they walked upstairs and saw Robert Kraft and Dana Blumberg walk out from behind a screen. Blumberg was wearing a wedding dress and Kraft wore a dark suit. Singer Elton John announced the couple as husband and wife, while rap artist Meek Mill sang a song he had written just for them. Kraft has been good friends with both singers for many years.

Dana Blumberg is a Doctor

Blumberg graduated from Saint Louis University School of Medicine in 2000. She became board-certified in ophthalmology, a specialty focused on eye diseases, a short time later. Her previous employer was Columbia University, located in New York City. Blumberg worked for the university as an associate professor of ophthalmology. She maintained an affiliation with the New York Presbyterian and Columbia University Irving Medical Center while employed by the university. Blumberg’s current employment status remains unknown.

Kraft and Blumberg Had a Short Engagement

Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger announced onstage at a gala event in Palm Beach, Florida in March 2022 that the then 80-year-old Kraft and 47-year-old Blumberg were engaged. The couple declined to comment any further and did not announce a wedding date at that time.

Fans and friends first spotted photos of the couple together at a few events in 2017. However, it wasn’t until 2019 that their pictures began appearing with greater regularity. Their first public appearance was at an Elton John fundraiser for AIDS research over five years ago. Blumberg was wearing one of Kraft’s many Super Bowl rings at this event. The public did not see a photo of the pair together again until the 2019 French Open.

Blumberg Remains Committed to Her Privacy

Other than the vast attention that being married to someone as well-respected as Robert Kraft brings, Dana Blumberg has chosen to live most of her life outside the public eye. She has no social media accounts at all and does not speak about her profession publicly. Blumberg did not have any children before marrying Robert Kraft. He has four adult sons, three of whom work with him at the Kraft Group. The Kraft Group is the parent company of the New England Patriots and several other organizations.