Plumbing Advice for the Summer in Boise


Summer is a fantastic time to unwind and enjoy the warm weather, but it’s also critical to keep a check on your plumbing to avoid any problems. Boise, Idaho is experiencing an uptick in temperature, so here are some plumbing tips to keep your system functioning smoothly. This article will discuss some helpful tips for maintaining a functional plumbing system over the summer.

1. Examine the Sprinkler System for Leaks

Checking for sprinkler system leaks is an important part of summer plumbing maintenance. Sprinklers are essential for preserving the health and attractiveness of your lawn, but leaks waste water and lead to increased utility bills. To begin checking for leaks, switch off the sprinkler system’s water supply. Examine the sprinkler heads for evidence of water leaks or damage. If you find any leaks or broken components, you should contact a professional Boise plumber right once to repair or replace them.

2. Check the Water Pressure

Another important point to remember is to keep an eye on the water pressure. High water pressure can place undue strain on your plumbing system, resulting in leaks, broken pipes, and fixture damage. A pressure gauge can be purchased at your local hardware store to check water pressure. Connect the gauge to an outdoor faucet and turn the water on. The pressure should ideally be between 40 and 60 psi (pounds per square inch). If the pressure exceeds this range, you should consider installing a pressure regulator to protect your plumbing system.

3. Be Wary of Tree Roots

Trees bring shade and beauty to our outdoor settings, but their roots may severely harm plumbing systems. Tree roots will naturally seek out water sources, such as pipes and drains. They can permeate the pipes over time, producing clogs, leaks, and even pipe damage. To avoid tree root damage, grow trees a safe distance away from your plumbing lines. If you already have trees near your plumbing, consider constructing a root barrier or hiring a professional plumber in Boise to analyze the situation and recommend appropriate remedies.

4. Safeguard Outdoor Faucets

During the summer, outdoor faucets are vulnerable to damage, especially if they are exposed to excessive temperatures and harsh weather conditions. It is critical to protect them in order to preserve their longevity and functionality. Installing insulated faucet covers is one effective technique to safeguard outdoor faucets. These covers protect the pipes from freezing conditions, preventing them from breaking. Disconnect and drain any garden hoses connected to the faucets before the temps dip.

Plan Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is essential for avoiding plumbing emergencies and extending the life of your plumbing system. It is best to arrange frequent inspections and maintenance with a reputable Boise plumber. Professional plumbers can detect possible problems, make necessary repairs, and guarantee that your plumbing system is operating at peak efficiency. Checking for leaks, monitoring water heaters, cleaning drains, and testing water quality are all part of routine maintenance. You can avoid costly repairs and guarantee your plumbing is ready for the summer season by investing in routine maintenance.


Preventing plumbing issues this summer by keeping it in good working order is essential. If you follow these plumbing tips, you can keep your system in tip-top shape. Keep in mind that you should always see a professional plumber in Boise if you encounter any plumbing difficulties beyond your expertise. Hiring plumbers in Boise not only ensures quality work but also brings peace of mind knowing that your plumbing system is in capable hands.