Giovanna Yannotti and Bara Manga: Mix Of WWE and Anime


Giovanna Yannotti is a model and actor born in the United States. Additionally, people recognize her as a wife of a wrestler, actor, & retired amateur wrestler Kurt Angle. Further, Giovanna is well known for her work on movies like ‘My Bloody Valentine’, ‘Sorority Row’, ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’, ‘End Game’, ’Death from Above’ and many more. Giovanna Yannotti was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the USA on March 26, 1987, to the parents whose identity haven’t been disclosed in the media yet. She stands at a very good height of 5 feet 8 inches and her weight is around 58 Kgs. Her exact body measurements are not known. Her Bra size is 36 inches. She has dark brown hair and eye color. Giovanna Yannotti is not active on social media and prefers to stay away from all the media attention. She is not active on any of the social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Giovanna worked as a model for the first time before her performing career. She has starred in several movies and TV series as an actress. Further, her acting career actually began in 2009 when, in The Twilight Saga: New Moon movie, she played a minor role.

Giovanna featured as a gang member in an episode of the Justified TV series in 2010, as well as in the horror movie 6 Souls where she played a lawyer. In the 2010 film Unstoppable, Giovanna, who is also a stunt performer, was a stand-in and a double stunt for Rosario Dawson. Also, she starred in the movie Death from Above with her husband Kurt Angle in 2012. Giovanna and her boyfriend Angle got engaged in 2010 and after two years in their home town of Pennsylvania, they tied the knot in a wedding ceremony on July 20th, 2012. Also, close family and friends attended the ceremony. Giovanna Yannottti’s exact net worth is not known to us at the moment. But it is speculated that she shares a very good amount of worth with her husband. Kurt Angle is estimated to be worth around $30 million which he has earned from his acting and wrestling career. He has also been a Olympic gold medalist. The family therefore leads a very comfortable life with the huge net worth of Kurt Angle. 

Bara Manga is a genre of manga and art made by gay and bisexual men, for gay and bisexual men. In Japan it’s more commonly known as “gei comi”, “gei manga”, or “menslove”. Bara generally features mature and realistic relationships, rather than overly melodramatic soap opera plots. Bara plots tend to be simple, short, and to cut to the chase. Bara is almost always very explicit, to the point that “Bara Hentai” is a redundant phrase. Another important characteristic is that bara emphasizes manly and muscular (sometimes hairy) characters with varying degrees of body fat, as opposed to the androgynous and effeminate boys commonly found in Yaoi. It also, usually, tends to avert, subvert or invert the Uke and Seme dynamics eg. most of the time the Seme is someone younger and much more “cuter” looking.


Although gay men’s general-interest magazines have published occasional manga stories since the 1970s, the first all-manga gay magazines to become commercially successful date only from the early 2000s. The two major commercial publishers at the moment are Furukawa Shobu (a publisher of gay men’s magazines) and Oakla Shuppan (a yaoi publisher that also has some bara manga magazines). Kinniku Otoko (literally “Muscle Man”) is one of the manga magazines that focuses on this genre. Gengoroh Tagame is an example of a well-known artist. Other popular and well-known artists include Gamma, Jin, Kazuma, Manya, Takeshi Matsu, Inaki Matsumoto, Ron-9 (who drew the top picture), Takakunozomu, and Matsuzaki Tsukasa. Outside of Japan, there is also Braford (Argentina), Captain Ger Bear (Canada), Forge the Wielder (USA), Furry Revolution (Italy), Galen (Spain), Grisser (Thailand), Gez Tank Skunkrat (Mexico), Ralf König (Germany), Kupopo (USA), Kyuuhari (Malaysia), Rrowdy Beast (USA), and Tom of Finland (Finland).