Favourite Gambling Characters From Fiction


Fun in a casino is a part of our everyday life, and we also see it in fictitious shows, characters, and movies. We’ve seen a lot of fictional Gambling characters engage in gambling, from venerable programmes like The Simpsons to beloved films like Star Wars.

That being the case, we made the decision to revisit some of our all-time favourites by travelling through time. Here is a list of ten fictitious characters who liked to gamble.

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Even without considering the specifics, gambling Characters is a very fascinating subject. Great literary works have been written about the subject over the years. Instructive literature abound, but literary fiction books about gambling can be incredibly alluring.

Biff Tannen

In Back to the Future, Biff Tannen played the stereotypical bad guy. He ultimately uses a sports almanack from the future in Part 2 to travel to the past and place bets on games whose outcomes he is familiar with. Since he cannot lose, he succeeds in amassing a vast fortune for himself. He could have ended it there, but instead he goes a step (or several steps) farther by first advocating for the legalisation of gambling Characters and then opening a sizable casino.

Duke Nukem

You’ve undoubtedly played Duke Nukem at some point in your gaming career if you enjoy first-person shooters. He serves as the main character of the 1991-original Duke Nukem franchise. Duke is a tough person in the style of the modern McGuyver, but he also enjoys gambling. He owns The Ladykiller casino on the Las Vegas Strip, as you probably remember from Duke Nukem Forever.

James Bond

A well-known gambler is also one of the most famous fictional male characters. Given that he risks his life in the stunts he performs, it’s not a major surprise. But he also partakes in conventional gambling.

In Dr. No, Thunderball, or On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, we frequently see him playing baccarat at the tables. Additionally, he played high stakes poker with Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. In Diamonds Are Forever, play some craps with Plenty O’Toole. The seasoned British Spy is highly talented in a variety of areas and is obviously well-versed in everything related to casinos.

Marge Simpson

The city of Springfield decides to legalise gambling in order to stimulate the local economy. Homer accepts a job as a blackjack dealer at Mr. Burns’ new casino. Marge unexpectedly finds a quarter when visiting the casino to meet Homer after a shift and uses it to play a slot machine. She immediately wins and develops a gambling addiction. She begins to ignore her family as she is engrossed in her work, and it isn’t until Homer is dismissed that she realises what she has done.

But there are other Simpsons episodes that make gambling references as well. Apu, the proprietor of a convenience shop, suggests to Marge and the other members of the church council in another episode that they play blackjack to raise money to save Springfield’s church, which is in financial trouble. He teaches them card counting, and finally they succeed in making a profit. But when Homer enters and thwarts their scheme, chaos results.

Raymond “Rain Man” Babbitt

The two primary actors in the 1980s classic film Rain Man are Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. When his father goes away and leaves him the million-dollar fortune, Charlie Babbitt (Cruise) unintentionally learns that he has a brother, Raymond (Hoffman). However, because Raymond has autism, the two have a difficult time connecting. Prior to Charlie realising that he can use Raymond’s autism to count cards in the casino, this continued. Despite the six-deck shoe the casino is using, Raymond is still able to count cards, and the pair manages to escape with $86,000 in winnings.

Han Solo

Without Han Solo’s acquisition of the Millennium Falcon, Star Wars could not have been such a fantastical tale. That’s correct: he never genuinely possessed it at first. Han had it in his possession, but Han won it in a game of Sabacc from his good friend Lando Calrissian.

The only other instance of gambling in Star Wars is that one. Tatooiine is well-known for being a gambling mecca, and Canto Bight on Cantonica offered a variety of casinos.

Raoul Duke

However, it is also loosely (and some would argue correctly) based on the life of renowned author Hunter S. Thompson. This film is one of the most storied depictions of drug-abusing behaviour. Raoul Duke, the Thompson-inspired character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and his lawyer Dr. Gonzo go on a Las Vegas binge.

Our dynamic duo enters the Circus Circus Casino while high on ether, a drug that resembles alcohol in some respects but induces hallucinations when inhaled. This is one of the movie’s more well-known moments. The tag team manoeuvres through the circus and its tables, but they are eventually overpowered and must escape.

The author of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas originally used the pen name Raoul Duke before changing it to Hunter S. Thompson. He enjoyed gambling and left us with numerous memorable statements on it, including the following:

“Gambling teaches us a lot of hard things, but the hardest one of them is the difference between having fun and being smart.”

Fast Eddie Felson

Quick Eddie Fast Eddie Parker, an American pool player, served as the inspiration for the character of Felson in the film The Hustler. Parker, who was trained by six-time world champion Bennie Allen and went on to become a professional pool player, was no ordinary talent, though. He would swindle players at the table while travelling the nation, winning as much as $30,000 every game. But he never wanted to be too closely associated with the movie because that would have revealed his identity.


The Japanese manga animation series Naruto has become incredibly well-known throughout the world. With over 250 million copies sold globally across more than 46 countries, it is the fourth-best selling manga series of all time.

As a former student of Hiruzen Sarutobi and the granddaughter of Mito Uzumaki and Hashirama Senju, Tsunade is one of the show’s main protagonists. She also enjoys gambling, and although she partakes in a variety of games, her terrible luck in the casino is well known.


The popular bar and hangout Quark’s will be remembered by Star Trek: Deep Space 9 fans. The establishment’s full name, which is less well known, is Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House, and Holosuite Arcade. Customers would wager on games like Dabo using tokens, credit cards, and gold-pressed latinum. A gambler from another planet was revealed to have rigged the Dabo wheel in one episode, even. One of the extra games was a dartboard, followed by Tongo and chula.

According to Quark, all gaming on DS9 occurs in his establishment, or it doesn’t.

The Best Fictional Books About Gambling

Megasino: The 13th Casino

Author Frederick Schofield has created a fictional story on Las Vegas’ corporatization. This tale centres on two powerful businessmen from Las Vegas who are competing to build the next massive casino. There is a lot of truth in this work of fiction because these characters are based on true casino billionaires, President Donald Trump and Steve Wynn.

Loser Takes All

This Graham Greene short story is entertaining and humorous. The protagonist of this tale is Bertram, an accountant.

To visit Bertram’s boss on a yacht, Bertram and his fiancée Cary decide to travel to Monte Carlo.

They are accommodated at the area’s top hotel while they wait for the yacht. His boss never comes up, which puzzles the story’s main character, but the pair stays at the pricey hotel and makes the most of their remaining funds.


The thrill of gambling is unmatched, and the possibility of winning big at any time may provide any novel with an intriguing storyline line. However, gambling culture itself is an adamant mistress, and the perils it presents can be unrepentant. These fictitious stories have a lot of reality to them because gambling is a problem for many people in real life.