Explore the City in Comfort by Renting a Mini Bus from SimplyTrip


Des: Hire a mini bus from SimplyTrip! Enjoy a customized itinerary, onboard comforts, and a personal travel assistant. Book now with no fees and transparent prices!

Explore the City in Comfort: Rent a Mini Bus with SimplyTrip

You must have heard about sightseeing or Hop On Hop Off tour buses which take you around a city. While these bus tours are a wonderful way to feel the touristy vibes of a city, they have a few drawbacks. There is a long wait time at every sightseeing spot. They may not cover the places you want to see because they follow a fixed itinerary. Moreover, such pre-arranged tours may not be suitable for group travel.

Next time you plan a city tour, a good option is to hire a mini bus from SimplyTrip, the #1 highest-rated bus rental company with 4.8 stars rating on Google. Here are some ways SimplyTrip can make your group trip a comfortable and memorable experience:

Customised Itinerary

When you visit a city, you want to explore it at your pace. You might want to spend more time at one attraction or completely skip another one. When you rent a mini bus from SimplyTrip, it is akin to a private vehicle at your command. You have complete flexibility to design your itinerary and let the bus take you anywhere you want at any time!

Pick-Up and Drop-Off at Convenience

SimplyTrip mini bus rental service allows you to decide on the pick-up and drop-off locations as per the convenience of all passengers. This facility saves ample time which otherwise is wasted if you travel by train, flight or public bus. 

Comforts Onboard

A mini bus is equipped with spacious seats, adequate luggage space, a music system, an air conditioner and other amenities. SimplyTrip has a mini bus for all your needs depending on your budget, location and occasion. 

For example, the classic variant of mini bus is light on your pocket but without any compromise on comfort and safety factors. If you are looking for premium features, then SimplyTrip also has a luxury bus in its fleet. It has pushback seats, padded armrests, individual air conditioner vents and other sophisticated amenities.

Stress-Free Journey

When you are exploring a city, the last thing you want is to worry about finding the right directions or quickest routes. SimplyTrip assigns trained and professional drivers for city tours. They have several years of experience navigating the mini bus through different terrains, including highways and mountain passes. They will ensure that you reach everywhere in the shortest possible time with the maximum degree of safety.

Personal Travel Assistant

Group travel needs a lot of coordination and arrangements which may ruin your fun. SimplyTrip can provide a personal travel assistant who will take care of all the logistics, manage your bookings, arrange welcome gifts, etc.

SimplyTrip also ensures a hassle-free booking experience. It has zero booking fees and 100% transparency in its price policy. With all your booking and payment issues sorted before the trip, you can enjoy the city tour in a relaxed manner.

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