Everything You Need to Know About Pink Gin


You’ve probably heard of Pink Gins and wondered what it is. Luckily, this article will help you understand what makes this unique pink gin and how it differs from other spirits. Here, you’ll learn about its ingredients, from Juniper berry to Angostura bitters to Pepper and Raspberry.

Angostura bitters

The Angostura bitters are the critical component of a classic Pink Gin cocktail. The bitters, which come from Venezuela, have a long history. Originally used to improve the flavour of low-quality gin, they were later added to make the drink pink. Today, Angostura’s aromatic bitters are a popular ingredient in many cocktails. They have a delicate rosy colour and match the crisp flavour of London Dry Gin.

Juniper berry

Gin is a drink made from a simple grain spirit and is often infused with botanicals. These can be anything from spices to fruits. Here we’ll discuss some of the most popular botanicals and their uses in gin. Juniper berry is the most common botanical used in gin.

Juniper berries produce a variety of aromatic compounds. Most contain the hydrocarbon Alpha-pinene. This molecule gives the gin a floral note. The second most common molecule is Sabinene. 


Raspberry Pink Gin is a new flavour of gin made from raspberries grown in Essex and blended with smooth Signature Gin. Its fresh, sweet taste leaves the palate feeling energised. This refreshing drink is best served with raspberries and lime. To add a unique twist to your gin experience, try adding a splash of rose lemonade.

Raspberry Pink Gin is a premium gin and tonic blended with raspberry, which gives it an elegant pink colour. 


Pink Pepper Gin is a handcrafted gin made from a blend of nine botanicals. This unique blend includes juniper, pink peppercorns, black cardamom, honey, and tonka bean infusions. The resulting gin is bold and spicy, with a smooth finish. Each batch of Pink Pepper Gin takes months to create.

The pink peppercorn gives the drink its initial rush of flavour, while the honey provides a warming finish. The botanical spirit is balanced by the agave and lime juice, which balance the flavours.

All-natural fruit flavourings

Pink gin is a famous cocktail that originated in the 19th century. It was initially called Plymouth gin and was made with bitters and Angostura bitters. This combination was meant to help sailors who suffered from sea sickness. Today, many people drink pink gin as an alternative to the classic gin and tonic.


The pink gin cocktail was famous in mid-nineteenth-century England. The pink colour of the drink is achieved by mixing Plymouth Gin with Angostura bitters (dark red bitters). The drink is often served with a garnish of lemon rind. The lemon rind and citrus essential oils compliment the pink gin flavour. This cocktail is easy to make and tastes delicious. It makes a great cocktail to celebrate a special occasion.


Pink Gins are gins infused with pink ingredients such as rose petals, strawberry, raspberry, or pink grapefruit. Pink gins are becoming popular in mixed drinks, including gin, tonics, and premixed cocktails. Unlike the original gin, traditionally a robust white spirit, flavoured gins are becoming increasingly fruity and exciting.

Many kinds of pink gin are available, and each one offers a slightly different taste and flavour. Traditionally, pink gins have a subtle colour from the addition of bitters. Fruitier varieties contain various fruit components and are ideal for making complex cocktails. These varieties also have the advantage of not requiring the time of an infusion or syrup.