Create a statement ceiling with these lighting tips


A statement ceiling is a trend that has taken the entire design scene by storm. No matter where you, you might have come across this term at least once. And if you have not really come across it then you don’t really have to worry as we are going to tell you everything about it and also how can it be created in your living space. A statement ceiling sounds like a very complex term, but in reality, it isn’t. 

A statement ceiling is an inexpensive way to adorn your living space compared to other things you could do for your decor. A statement ceiling is basically creating a focal point using your ceiling where that is the only thing standing out of your decor. Why are people going with this trend? The answer is pretty simple. A statement ceiling has a distinct way of lending depth and drama to your living space, something that everybody intends on flaunting in your space. Now take a look at how you can get the desired look in your home. 

Pick a larger-than-life fixture for your ceiling

We just said it, setting a statement requires a larger-than-life fixture and that is exactly what you’re going to buy for your home. The best option would be to go with a chandelier. A chandelier is hands-down the best choice to make a statement. A chandelier sets the tone of your space and also creates uniform illumination in your home. That’s why this is the preferred statement lighting fixture. 

Recessed lighting fixtures can be used to adorn your ceiling

Recessed lighting fixtures like ceiling lights are also perfect for setting a statement if you plan ahead. Ceiling lights will have to be installed beforehand and that is why you need to design your ceiling that way. Ceiling lights are a good choice because they don’t take up a lot of space and can be as grand and as subtle as you want them to be in your decor. This is another good way to set a statement with something that’s a bit compact. 

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