Blackjack Strategy: When to Hit or Stand?


Among the top online casino games at, Blackjack offers a superb winning option. Its feature in various movies like “21 and Casino,” “The Hangover,” “Rain Man”, etc., has proven its popularity. The style of play here is simple. All players must ensure the sum of cards at hand is 21 or close to it to beat the dealer. Everyone is dealt two cards, whether online or at a land-based casino. 

When you receive your two cards, you are left with two options: either “hit” or “Stand”. Stand in this scenario means the cards issued are okay with you, and you don’t need extra cards to be released, in this case- to draw additional cards. If you hit, you want to draw another card, thus, improving your winning chances. 

Knowing when to hit or stand depends on your understanding of blackjack gameplay rules. Let’s discuss situations when you should employ these basic strategies. 

Card Rules in Blackjack

If you’re here, it means you already have a good idea of how Blackjack is played. However, here’s a review of the card rankings in this beautiful casino game. 

All cards with a number value indicate their rank. However, cards with a face value like jack, queen, and king each have a value of 10 points. This is also extended to cards with the number 10. Don’t forget Ace, as it can be worth 1 or 10 points. The value it has on any game round depends on your hand total (i.e. the number remaining to sum of 21). 

When to Hit in Blackjack

Hitting in Blackjack can be used when your cards’ total sum is 8. The reason is that you have better chances of getting a solid hand as there will be many cards with a 10-value on deck. 

This option is recommended if you notice the dealer’s hand is made of higher-value cards like 7, 8, 9, or even 10. This option can improve the house’s chances of getting 21, and the ultimate aim here is to reach 21 or better while beating the dealer. 

It is wise not to make this selection with a hand value of 12 or 13, and the dealer has a lower price. Your chances of getting a perfect 21 could be lower. Yet, this depends on what card your draw next. 

When to Stand in Blackjack

Using the stand option is perfect if your hand total is either 17, 18, 19, or 20. The reason is that there are higher chances of hitting over 21 with the next card drawn. 

In the Blackjack game, selecting Stand depends on either a “soft” or “hard” hand. A hand with an Ace card is soft since you can reduce or increase the total when necessary. Hard hands consist of other cards without an Ace. Knowing this difference is also important as it will help you choose when to stand. 


Making a stand or hit decision could determine your winning chances on a Blackjack table. It’s a basic strategy all players should understand before jumping on a real money Blackjack game.