Attention BMX Riders – Essential Safety Gear for Safe Riding


If your son is ready to begin his BMX experience, he will, of course, need safety gear and in this short article, we outline the equipment to buy for a safe BMX riding experience.

  • Helmet – The top producer in the US is Shadow, with their Conspiracy Classic a top seller. Check out the amazing catalogue of BMX stuff at Back Bone BMX, the top US online BMX supplier. Full-face helmets are preferred for the facial protection they offer and make sure you order the right size.
  • Body armor – Chest and abdomen protection, with shoulder pads that connect to the body pieces. You can order from a leading US online supplier and if the size is not right, you can return the product and request a different size.
  • Gloves – BMX gloves offer digit protection without losing finger control, plus they have wrist and palm protection. Rich colors and tough fabric are features of the lightweight design.
  • Knee & elbow pads – Body armor has elbow pads, but you can wear separate pads that stay in place and protect the joints when you come into contact with the ground.
  • Ankle/wrist guards – These are elastic and offer a level of wrist and ankle protection, with top names like Shadow and Fuse, some are lace up and some slip into place.
  • Shin pads – If you have ever had a shin knock, you’ll know all about pain and investing in a pair of padded shin pads will ensure it never happens to you. If your son/daughter has all the safety gear, they can explore with some confidence; there will be knocks and bruises along the way, which is all part of the learning experience.

Of course, the most important thing of all is the bike; there are 3 main categories, namely junior, youth and adult. Top BMX bike manufacturers include Academy, Colony, Kink and Division, all of which you can find at the top US BMX bike and accessory retailer.

BMX training

Google can help you locate nearby BMX venues and you can take your child to test and develop their skills on a diverse range of surfaces. Like anything, the more you ride, the better you become and with your full support, your child will become a skilled BMX rider.