4 Upmarket, Lucrative Destinations to Base Your High-End Business


A high-end business doesn’t do anything by halves. It provides the best products, the best services, and the best standards for its customers. Due to this, there is no room to slack in any area – particularly when it comes to where you base your company. 

With the right location, your business gains an instant boost of prestige, which is always key for a high-end outlet. An upscale company is also targeting premium clients, and more of these will be found in those luxurious cities across the world. 

For some inspiration, here are four upmarket, lucrative destinations to base your high-end business on. 

1. Central London 

The United Kingdom’s capital is one of the most popular and prosperous places on the planet. As a result, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Central London is home to some of the most prominent and leading brands around. The city is a blend of historic culture and ultra-modern facilities, offering many attractions, bars, and dining options, all easily accessible due to excellent transport links. 

Central London also has a plethora of areas that fit the upmarket bill. One such example is Kings Cross. Office space in Kings Cross is in high demand with upscale businesses. This area boasts opulence in abundance, yes, but there’s more to it than that upmarket side. It provides some of the best transport options in London, with its position near the Eurostar – where you can journey over to Paris in a little over two hours – a particular highlight for many businesses. 

2. Stockholm 

Sticking to Europe for the time being, Stockholm is a city that should no longer be overlooked as a base for luxurious brands. It is an expensive destination, which means your local customer base will typically be more open to splashing the cash. Sweden in general also has a reputation for supporting businesses and startups, which is great if you’re only starting your entrepreneurial journey. 

There’s also the added bonus Stockholm is one of the most picturesque and beautiful cities in the world. 

3. Hong Kong 

Did you know that Hong Kong Central reportedly has the most expensive office rental prices in the world on average? Although you will have to pay to base your company here, it offers a lot of benefits for that expense. Hong Kong is regarded as the number one spot in Asia for business, and that’s supported by low taxes, free trade, and easy access to China. 

Hong Kong is also famous for its luxurious offerings, making it an ideal base for your high-end business. 

4. New York 

When it comes to the United States, there is one location that stands out from the rest: New York. This is particularly the case if you select an office space in the Midtown-Manhattan area of the city. It is no surprise a plethora of luxurious brands are based in the heart of New York, and your business will gain instant recognition by sitting alongside them.