Your Guide to Choosing a Heavy-Duty Truck Towing Company


Chances are, if you own a transport or construction company, you are going to need a heavy-duty towing service at some point in your life.

Whenever you are moving a heavy load from the loading site to the destination, there is always a risk of breakdown, rollover, and accidents and in that case, having a reliable truck towing service provider alongside is an invaluable asset. They offer much more than just pulling and lifting your commercial vehicle to someplace, as they also provide roadside assistance if you are stranded. So if you run out of gas or have a flat tire, that’s another time when a professional towing service provider can come there to help you out.

Heavy-duty tow vehicles are potent and can be used to tow almost all vehicles, including buses, garbage trucks, big rigs, boom trucks, frac trucks, bobtails, semi-trucks, trailers, tractors, dump trucks, motor homes, and RVs. Meanwhile, towing large-sized vehicles is a challenging task requiring specialised, heavy-duty tools and equipment, experience, and knowledge of risks that only heavy-duty towing specialists have. So, you shouldn’t think that if your heavy vehicle breaks down on the road, you can contact any random towing service provider to get immediate assistance, as they can help only light and medium weight vehicles. Besides, towing service providers specialising in heavier vehicles are not as common.

And these are the things You need to look for in a truck towing service provider:


The first thing you need to ensure is that your vehicle is in the right hands. As such, the best way to do so is to choose a company with a long track record of excellent service with heavy-duty towing.

When hiring an experienced company, you can have peace of mind that your vehicle or equipment will be delivered to your location safely. This is because experienced professionals would have already worked with equipment like yours, and they’ll know how to handle it properly with care. Besides, they’ll be equipped with all necessary tools, unlike light and medium-size vehicle towing service providers.

Services Offered

When your vehicle is on the road, it is not just towing service that you may need. Sometimes you may need to transfer things to and from a site, your trailer truck met with an accident, and you need to transfer the load to its final destination, or maybe you had a semi-trailer tire blowout on the road. So you should look for a towing service provider that can provide you with other essential services. It should be capable of providing you with excellent support for all of the possible scenarios your vehicle might face.

Emergency Support

Unfortunate incidents can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. And in most cases, you will need towing service in case of emergency. So if your vehicle was travelling from your location to your client’s site, and something unexpected happened to the car on the road, so you would need to solve it immediately, the towing company you choose should be responsive and willing to serve you in emergencies. And for that, it should provide reliable services 24/7/365 days, and otherwise, you should not consider them fortruck towingservices.

License and Accreditation

Vehicle towing service is not a business that anyone can handle. So, make sure the one you choose is a licensed organisation authorised to serve in your area. Moreover, all drivers towing your vehicle must be experienced individuals with valid licenses and towing accreditation. Nevertheless, you don’t want your vehicle to get further damaged or cause any damage to the road users, and for this, your vehicle must be towed properly. Moreover, it is advisable to shortlist at least 3 to 4 towing service providers and then select the one that best caters to your business needs.