Your Essential Bathroom Products Checklist


Different corners, with their own space and functions, come together to build a house. Your bathroom requires personalised accessories, like a bed, dressing table, and television in the bedroom, and cooking appliances and cutlery in the kitchen. Imagine your friends are staying over and getting ready to start the New Year with the annual Sydney festival. They, too, might need to use your bathroom accessories. Therefore, having these seven bathroom products in Sydney homes is a must.

Soap Holder

Whether a bar or liquid soap, having a soap holder in the bathroom is crucial. From washing your hands after returning from Taronga Zoo or before every meal, a soap holder on the sink keeps it clean and makes hand washing easier. Moreover, when purchasing soap, it is best to buy a scented hand soap that leaves a pleasant after-smell.

Vanity Case

A vanity compartment next to your shower allows you to store all your shower essentials in an organised manner and at an accessible distance. Keeping your products on the bathtub’s edge exposes water to iron, causing rust. Sydney’s average rust repair cost is $650, so a vanity cabinet will help you pile your accessories safely, securely, and accessible and prevent unnecessary expenditure.

Shower Curtains

A shower curtain is one of the most practical shower essentials. It contains water and moisture in the bathtub or shower area, preventing it from reaching the rest of the bathroom. Additionally, it acts as a buffer between the shower and the door, giving you extra privacy. Shower curtains also enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. For instance, if your bathroom has a small window for sunlight to come in, a sheer shower curtain would reflect the light, making the room look beautiful.

Bath Mats

If you return home after a long evening of enjoying water sports at Bondi Beach, you should head straight to the bathroom to wash off the sand. A bath mat allows you to dust off your feet before entering the bathroom, stopping sand from spreading around. Removing sand from the bathroom can be tiresome and frustrating; a bath mat prevents that situation from occurring.

Bath Towels

Bath towels are probably one of the first things you will stock your bathroom with. While you can keep only one towel, having three-four is always a safe choice in case of guests, unexpected visitors, or if you accidentally spill something on the towel. However, in a place like Sydney, where humidity is ever-present, purchase towels that dry quickly, such as one made of Turkish cotton.

Bathroom Mirror

People commonly install two types of mirrors in their bathrooms: one-dimensional or mirror-cum-cabinet. The former is a conventional mirror for you to use when brushing or checking your appearance. On the other hand, a mirror-cum-cabinet is a fascinating bathroom accessory that allows you to store different products. For instance, instead of balancing your soap dispenser on the edge of the sink, you can place it inside the cabinet. Similarly, you can store your toothbrush behind the mirror for quick and easy access.

Bathroom Ambience

The light fixture you install in the bathroom determines its ambience. Small bulbs or LED lights are ideal for bathrooms, as they light up the space, conserve energy, and cast a pleasant glow. They emit soft reflections that look pretty and comfort your eyes.

Wrapping Up

A bathroom is one of the most important corners of a home. Therefore, it is vital to stock essential bathroom products in Sydney homes. From shower curtains and cabinets to bath towels and towel stands, equipping your bathroom with the necessary accessories adds comfort and style to the area.