Would You Be Happy to Receive These 5 Smart Home Gifts?


What do you gift to someone who seemingly has everything? These days, we see a lot more suggestions for smart home stuff. As smart home technologies make our lives easier and more convenient, all sorts of gift ideas are popping up. I admit to having never given a smart home device as a gift. That is not to say I never would.

ZDNet published a March, 2023 post discussing 12 devices staff writer Maria Diaz believes would make good gifts. Each device on her list is intriguing for its own reasons. I could be persuaded to at least entertain all of them. I am not so sure about giving or receiving them as gifts though.

Below are five of the smart home devices on Diaz’s list. Would you be happy to receive them as gifts?

1. The Smart Bird Feeder

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t expecting a smart bird feeder to top the list. But there it was, in the number one position. The particular model discussed in this post appears to be smart only in the sense that it offers an onboard camera to take pictures and videos of birds, along with a companion app to identify those birds.

This would probably make a great gift for birdwatchers and Audubon Society members. I am not much of a bird man myself, although I do appreciate cranes and bald eagles – two types of birds you don’t tend to see hanging around bird feeders.

2. The Smart Lock

If you are not into smart bird feeders, how about smart locks? The smart lock was also pretty high on Diaz’s list. This is one smart home device I would not mind being gifted. In fact, I’ve been doing a lot of reading about smart locks on the Vivint Smart Home website. I think my next front door lock is going to be a smart lock, even if I don’t receive it as a gift. I am intrigued by features like keyless entry and remote access.

3. The Smart Plug

Diaz lists the smart plug as the third gift idea on her list. I agree this would make an excellent gift for the simple fact that it is cheap and so easy to use. Both are qualities you want in a gift for someone whose response you’re not quite sure of. The thing about smart plugs is that they are designed to be used with something everyone has in their homes: standard wall outlets.

If you can use a mobile app, you can set up a smart plug. It isreally not that hard. With a few strategically placed smart plugs installed, you can control all sorts of electronic gadgets remotely.

4. The Smart Thermostat

Next up is the smart thermostat. This particular device is actually pretty popular. Features like remote access, geolocation integration, and AI-based programming are attractive to a lot of people looking to cut their energy consumption. As for giving one as a gift, smart thermostats can be expensive.

5. The Smart Speaker

Last but not least is the smart speaker. Diaz discusses one particular brand meant for families with kids, but smart speakers are all pretty much the same in terms of function and usefulness. Smart speakers are affordable and even fun to use.

So how did you do? Would you be happy to receive any of these items as gifts? I’m up in the air on the bird feeder and smart thermostat. As for the rest, bring them on. If you ever need a gift idea for me, just refer to this article.