Why the Right Wedding Venue Is More Crucial Than You Thought


Every couple understands, at least to some degree, why choosing the right wedding venue is a momentous decision. With a celebration of that scale, you need a dedicated space that’s large and accommodating enough to hold everyone comfortably. 

But size and amenities aren’t all that a venue offers. The right wedding venue can positively impact several aspects of a wedding. 

In this article, let’s delve into the hidden benefits, unexpected influences and wide-ranging upshots that accompany choosing the right wedding venue. If you’re on your journey from “I will” to “I do,” here’s why you should pay extra special attention to the venue. 

The Space Dictates the Look of Your Pictures

It happens too often. A couple shells out for a high-quality wedding photographer – upwards of $4,000 for the day – but neglects to vet their venue properly. There’s only so much a wedding photographer can do with a drab space. Even the most talented artists need a suitable canvas and palette. 

To maximize your photography investment, you should find a space that photographs well. The best venues for photography are elegant and timeless without looking dated or in disrepair. You want to find a “goldilocks” space that’s classical but impeccably renovated. 

The Right Wedding Venue Facilitates Punctuality, Convenience

Arguably, a wedding guest’s most important job is showing up on time. It should be easy, right? Yet, when a venue is buried in a residential area or tangled in an urban center away from accessible parking, showing up promptly can be challenging. 

If you want your guests to be punctual (and, by extension, your wedding ceremony to operate smoothly), consider vetting your venues for location. Try to find a space that’s located near major highways. Inquire about parking (a great venue should feature ample free parking). And ensure that the venue is roughly central and equidistant to most of your guests. 

Take the Le Treport wedding venue as a fantastic example. The Mississauga banquet hall sits at the crossroads of four major highways servicing Mississauga, Toronto and the greater GTA. The venue boasts loads of free parking. And it bears the elegant yet modern hallmarks discussed above. 

A Wedding Venue Can Make or Break the Dance Portion of the Evening

Ideally, a wedding should be half buttoned-down and sophisticated, and half all-out party. The dance portion of the evening is where you really see a great venue shine. 

Without the proper amenities to facilitate a good party (sound system, lights, tech setup, etc.), a lacklustre venue can put a damper on the last half of the night. Before you settle on a venue, screen the space for amenities and dance floor area. 

A Well-Run Venue Takes Stress out of the Big Day

Lastly, finding the right wedding venue can impact your emotional and mental connection to the day. Less-than-stellar venues might feature a largely “absent” support team, leaving you to plan the décor, menu, logistics and proceedings alone. These responsibilities add undue stress on what should be a carefree celebration of love. 

As you narrow your search for the right wedding venue, try to determine how “hands-on” the venue team is. Ask them what responsibilities they will shoulder and what their past experience has been. Ideally, you’ll find a dependable, experienced and actively participative team. 

Finding the right wedding venue might be more crucial than you expected. But that’s okay – take your time with the research process, evaluate your options, and ask lots of questions. If you do your due diligence, you should end up with a memorable space befitting a momentous occasion.