Why do some gamblers always win?


There has been tremendous research into human cognitive performance at online casinos. From the early days of online pokies Australia studies, scientists have tried to figure out whether or not they can predict player behavior accurately. The good news is that researchers have found some things that could explain why some gamblers get lucky and others don’t.


Online gamers who are more confident in their gambling abilities tend to be more successful than those with lower confidence levels. Players may also feel a bit better when playing with smaller stakes.

Winning mentality

If you like winning more than you dislike losing, you are probably a winner (see No Risk). This means that if you play for long periods without winning, you may begin to enjoy losing. Conversely, people who dislike winning more than they dislike losing are usually losers.

Good Timing 

People tend to gamble more when they “feel hot” or when they are bored. When you feel hot, it makes sense because your brain releases dopamine, which helps motivate you to try harder. However, boredom is a very powerful motivator and we all know how difficult it can be to stay motivated!

Decision making

You may be more likely to win if you make decisions quickly. In other words, the faster you decide on what you want to bet on, the more likely you are to win. Your reaction times are shorter when you make fast choices.


Another factor that affects your success may be your attitude toward the online blackjack game. Some people view gambling as a way to relax from daily stressors while others use casinos as places to work hard to earn more money. Research shows that those who view gambling as a source of relaxation tend to experience greater feelings of satisfaction after each round of play.

Choices determination

Once you’ve decided on what kind of person you are and where you fall within that category, then you can select a game that suits your preferences. While video slots are popular among both aggressive and recreational gamblers, table games such as black, choose a game that works for you


Online gambling is exciting but it’s not always easy. It requires skill, luck, and sometimes a little bit of help. I hope that this article has given you some insight into why you may be successful at casino gambling