Why are businesses flocking to paper bubble wraps?


The most important part of moving a product from one place to another is knowing how to keep the product safe, especially when you are dealing with fragile items. Right from the moment the product moves from the inventory, it becomes prone to damage till it reaches the hands of the customer. 

Although businesses know how to use strong packaging materials to keep the product safe even when it is exposed to rough handling and bumps on the roads, if you are dealing with fragile items then there is no way you can skip bubble wrap since it acts like a cushion. But businesses have now built an aversion to traditional bubble wraps since it is proving to be noxious for the environment. 

Fortunately, you won’t have to compromise the safety of your products and give up on the bubble wraps since paper bubble wraps have turned out to be a good alternative to paper bubble wraps. So, let’s dig a bit deeper and understand what paper bubble wraps are and how they are proving to be far superior to traditional bubble wraps.  

What is paper bubble wrap?

Paper bubble wrap is made from 100% recycled paper and it comes with a honeycomb or bubble kind of pattern over the surface. Paper bubble wrap can be used just like traditional bubble wrap, providing cushioning and protection to the product packed inside. 

Traditional bubble wraps are being used since 1957 and it has been the obvious choice of packaging for companies. But now, things have changed and both businesses and people are more inclined towards products that are packed in environmental-friendly materials. Since traditional bubble wraps are completely made from plastic, the world has turned towards paper bubble wraps. 

What are the benefits of using paper bubble wrap?

Paper bubble wrap is not only lightweight, and budget-friendly but it is even highly protective as well. This means, while trying to protect the environment, you won’t have to compromise on the safety of your product. Here are some most common benefits of paper bubble wrap that have kept businesses enthralled-

Space efficient and compact 

Right from giant companies like Dell to Allbirds, everyone is reducing the size of its packaging so that they can reduce the packaging material consumption and fit more products in a single shipping. Well, switching to paper bubble wrap can give you similar benefits since it is known for its compact feature. 

Paper bubble wrap is highly stretchable and flexible and that’s what makes it a cakewalk to store them and it even occupies less space in comparison to traditional bubble wrap. It is mostly seen at 250 meters per roll and it can be easily used with a dispenser from the closest convenient space. 

Wraps closely 

If you have been using traditional bubble wraps for a long time then you must be familiar with their non-flexible nature. Doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can never wrap traditional bubble wrap closely to the product and even if you do so, you will have to empty your tape dispenser machine. 

You won’t have to deal with such issues while using eco friendly bubble wrap. Paper bubble wrap is highly stretchable and it snuggles around the product like no other packaging material, even if you are dealing with unorthodox shapes. This provides ultimate protection to the product from dust, debris, and scratches. 

Go green 

Even though bubble wraps are considered a groundbreaking invention for packaging and it is still being used on a high scale, you can’t deny their noxious effect on the environment. Traditional bubble wraps are made purely from plastic and it is non-biodegradable. So, the bubble wrap that you just threw in the garden a couple of days ago while unboxing your new mic, might sit there in the soil for quite a long time. 

On the other side, eco friendly bubble wrap is biodegradable and can even be quickly recycled. Also, it requires little energy to produce and since it is lightweight, it can be easily moved from one place to another while emitting minimum CO2. 

No need for tape or glue 

When you are using bubble wrap for packaging products, you need a big lot of glue or tape by your side since bubble wrap don’t have any sticky feature and therefore, they require additional adhesive to wrap around the product. But that’s not the case with paper bubble wraps. 

The honeycomb structure of paper bubble wrap allows the cell to interlock for cling and therefore, you won’t need even a single strip of tape or a drop of glue to wrap paper bubble wrap around a product. 

It is necessary for every business to keep its product safe during transportation but what about the environment? The use of noxious packaging materials like traditional bubble wrap is proving to be detrimental to our planet and therefore, we must shift to eco-friendly options like paper bubble wrap. Not only they are good for the environment but they are cost-effective and provide better protection than traditional bubble wraps.

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