What Can You Do to Get Your Kids More Active at Home?


Getting kids to play, join sports, and get outside is a constant struggle. It’s become harder than ever to make sure kids get the kind of physical activity they need. There are constant distractions as smartphones and social media have joined video games and T.V. to compete for attention.

With the right encouragement and equipment, you can set your kids up for success right at home. There are plenty of physical activities kids can do at home. Getting active at home can give them the practice they need to thrive and the confidence they need to try new things.

To promote sports and physical activity at home, try these ideas to help them get active.

Driveway Hoops

Basketball is a sport that requires practice, practice, and more practice. One of the simplest and best things you can do for any kid interested in picking up the sport is to buy a home basketball net where they can practice their shot, perfect their layup, and play pickup with their friends.

Ice Skating in the Backyard

A backyard skating rink is a game changer when it comes to winter activities. It can be tough getting kids out and playing when it snows, especially when they get a bit older and would much rather stay inside.

An ice skating rink in the backyard changes all that. There’s no commute time or waiting to sign up for a spot. All you have to do is step out the backdoor and strap on your skates.

Building an ice skating rink at home doesn’t have to be hard. You need enough space to build a decent rink, a frame like a sandbox, a good tarp, and freezing temperatures. 

Hockey Night at Home

Hockey at home is easier than you might think, and it’s not just limited to winter. If you’ve gone to all the efforts of turning your backyard into an ice skating rink, turning it into the neighborhood hot spot for pickup games is the next sensible step.

One thing you should consider is a quality sports netting setup if you do start hosting hockey games in the backyard. Even when it’s just kids, hockey is a fast game. Pucks travel fast, and while your children probably won’t be hitting the puck at professional speeds, you want to make sure your windows and people on the other side of the fence are protected.

Trampoline Time

What can you do when your kids aren’t interested in sports? You can still get them active with the right fun and games. At the right age, a trampoline is one of the most exciting things you can give to a kid. It’ll be a struggle to get them back in the house for dinner.

Trampolines encourage physical activity, and they’re a lot safer than they used to be. If you’re thinking of the injury hazards you grew up with, they’ve made considerable safety improvements, although parental supervision is still recommended.

With the right setup, you can get your kids off their screens and get active, even in the winter. Sports equipment and nets that can let kids play sports at home are also amazing Christmas gifts that won’t keep the kids glued to the couch. Find all the equipment and gifts you need to get your kids active online.