Wedding Bands: What to Consider When Choosing Your Rings


While much attention centers around choosing your engagement ring, there are other wedding-related rings that deserve their own spotlight: Wedding bands. These rings symbolize your marriage and will be on your fingers for many years to come, yet they are often forgotten about in the midst of wedding planning until it’s time to pick them out.

But these rings deserve much more forethought, and contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of decisions to make about your wedding bands and things to consider, so it’s better to start thinking about them sooner than later. Read on to learn everything you need to know about choosing your wedding bands.

Do You Want Them to Match?

It surprises a lot of couples, but wedding bands don’t have to match. Wedding bands are often sold as sets and are each made of the same material and in the same style; only the bride’s wedding band is thinner than the groom’s ring.

But just because they are often sold that way doesn’t mean they have to be. And as more couples are choosing to step away from traditions that don’t work for them, there are more options than ever for alternatives and opting for custom jewelry in Canada

Just like the trend towards choosing an engagement ring that suits your style and personality, more couples are choosing wedding rings that are true to their personalities in the form of mismatched sets or individual pairings. 

It’s likely that each person in a marriage has their own style and preference. In fact, it might be just those differences that make you work so well as a couple. That’s why couples are choosing to embrace these when picking colors or metals. If you want matching wedding bands, that’s a great option. But more choices allow you to consider what your preferences are and come up with an option that you love, whether it’s traditional or not.

Do You Want it to Match Your Engagement Ring?

Another traditional option was to match the wedding band to your engagement band or, at the very least, have them complement each other. However, mismatched sets are all the rage now. 

People are opting to choose different metals, designs, widths and stones in their wedding bands. Just because you prefer one style for an engagement ring doesn’t mean you need to have the same style for your wedding band. Choose the option that feels right.

Do You Want More Than One Ring?

Additionally, as stacking rings are so popular, stacking wedding bands is also being seen more, with multiple mismatched rings on one finger. This option is excellent for people who don’t want to limit themselves. You can choose different rings in different styles and layer them how you see fit that day, and your wedding bands can grow and change as your marriage does.

Following traditions in your wedding band is a wonderful option if that’s what speaks to you, but there are plenty of things to consider before making a choice. Look at your options and choose the right rings for you and your partner.