US-based Israel Prospera Technologies AI-based 300m Solomon


Prospera Technologies is an Isreal based tech company. It develops artificial intelligence-based sensors and cameras for monitoring crops.

In this post, you will it acquisition by a US-based company

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US-based Israel Prospera Technologies AI-based 300m Solomon

Valmont Industries has bought Prospera Technologies for $300M. The merging of these firms will create the largest global, vertically-integrated artificial intelligence (AI) company in agriculture.

Prospera Technologies was founded in 2014. They have already raised $22 million from investors before closing this deal.

About Valmont Industries:

Founded in 1946, Valmont designs and manufactures highly engineered products and services for agricultural projects. It provides renewable energy that helps to generate cleaner, more sustainable power.

Valmont Industries creates a vital infrastructure that helps keep the roadways safer, connects communities, and enables a strong and reliable power grid.

About Prospera Technologies:

Prospera is an AI bases agriculture firm that helps farmers remotely manage their fields with real-time data. It enables allows farmers to see what is happening on their crops – leaf by leaf and on a multi-field, multi-crop basis.

The technology also helps farmers to counter the issue related to crops such as pests, diseases and other things.

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