Top Reasons why blackjack is popular


Online casinos offer hundreds of games and betting options. How did Blackjack become such a favourite? Is it because it has the highest payout rate out of all the other online casino Australia  games? Or does it simply represent good odds? Let’s take a closer look at the history and strategy behind Blackjack.

History of Blackjack 

It was first created in the 17th century by an Italian mathematician named Leonardo DaVinci. The rules were later refined by French croupier, Francois “Le Grand” Lenoir and Canadian businessman Edward O’Boyle. In 1931, the original deck of cards was replaced with two decks and a new dealer position was introduced to cut down time on shuffles.

Rules of Blackjack

Blackjack can be played against the house or players can play for fun. Only one player may begin each hand. The object is to beat your opponent’s total using cards dealt face up from a single 52-card deck without going over 21 i.e. you must not exceed 19 when counting on cards. You can use any number of decks but only one is used per hand. If you win more money than your initial stake then you receive that amount plus additional funds.

Strategy of Blackjack 

When determining what hand to hold, it is important to consider how the current count relates to the dealer’s soft 16 and the hard 16 counts. If the current count is less than 10 and the dealer soft 16 is also less than 10 then there are three possible outcomes:

Playing Blackjack. 

Play blackjack as long as you have enough money to meet your wager and do not go over 21. As soon as you bust (reach maximum value), your hand is over regardless of whether you had a positive return or not.

In conclusion, playing blackjack is simple and that’s one of the reasons why it is more popular than other Real Money Casino games. When playing this game keep your cool and don’t get frustrated!