Top Must-Have Dirt Bike Accessories.


Whether you are starting as a biker or are a pro at riding a dirt bike, you will agree that shopping for dirt bike accessories is as challenging as shopping for a bike.

Therefore, this article will help you decide and purchase the best motorcycle accessories for your dirt bike. As a result, using these accessories will enhance your riding experience while also providing your bike with protection. 

Once you use them, your life will become so much easier. Ask the pro riders, and they will never stop talking about the benefits. Let’s explore some must-have dirt bike accessories!

Why do you need motorcycle accessories?

A good motorcycle accessory comes with several benefits. Firstly, it offers optimum protection to your bike, which extends the life of your motorcycle. 

One of the biggest benefits of going for these accessories is that they offer crash protection. Just like you, as a rider, need accessories to save you in an accident, your motorcycle needs the same. 

Good gear and accessories are designed exclusively for abrasion resistance and take care of impacts at your joints. However, many dirt bikes do not come with these accessories, so you have to buy them exclusively. 

Top accessories for your dirt bike.

This section will give you all the necessary details you have been waiting for. There are many ways to make a dirt bike even more amazing than it is, and one of those is by purchasing the right accessories for it. 

Let’s look at some of the best ones!

Fork bleeders

Overtime use of your dirt bike can cause difficulties in the functioning of the front suspension. This can hamper your experience of a smooth ride. Because the forks are sealed, the heat that generates within causes the air pockets to expand. 

As a result, you will have a stiffer riding experience than usual. Using fork bleeders will help replace the standard screws and let you release the pressure with a single press of a button. 

Hand guards

Exclusively for bikers who ride trails or compete in enduro events, a set of hand guards helps keep your hands safe from roost and tree branches. 

Additionally, they also prevent mud from landing on your hands while riding. Mud can sometimes accumulate between your fingers and loosen your grip. Consequently, this can lead to accidents. 

Pivot levers

Crashes are very natural and common at some point for every rider. The standard or traditional levers always end up bending or snapping when the handlebar hits the ground in case of a crash. 

Pivot levers are essential accessories that every dirt bike owner must go for. The levers fold in opposite directions and hence, prevent them from snapping. Since they have a spring, they will get back into the position right after the pivot. 

Exhaust wash plug

Washing is an important activity for a dirt bike. You have to wash your dirt bike to prevent it from unnecessary wear, tear, and corrosion. Moreover, if you want your bike to look sparkling new, a wash is mandatory. 

An exhaust plug prevents water from entering the silencer, rusting the exhaust, soaking the packing, and entering the engine through the exhaust port. Avoid washing your bike without these accessories, as you will only end up paying more for the repair of your bike than the cost of these wash plugs. 

Wrapping Up

Every biker knows the importance of motorcycle accessories. The right step is to invest in quality products that will add protection to your bike and help it run longer. 

If you love taking your dirt bike out often or regularly participate in competitions, it is highly recommended to equip your bike with these products!