Top Mount Refrigerators vs Bottom Mount Refrigerators – Which is Ideal For You?


Refrigerators have been a vital part of every household kitchen for years now. Regardless of how modern or traditional your kitchen’s look and layout is, there is always space for a good refrigerator. 

Before you pick a refrigerator, it’s essential to decide what kind of freezer you are looking for! 

The bottom mount and top mount refrigerator can handle almost all refrigeration needs. That said, both refrigerators have their fair share of pros and cons. So, before you go refrigerator hunting, it would be best if you were armed with all the knowledge!

Top mount refrigerator – why buy them?

Top mount refrigerators have possibly been a part of everyone’s childhood. It has a specific timeless look that brings back nostalgia in waves. 

While it might not be a trendy product, you can find an excellent top mount refrigerator on a decent budget. It’s affordable and perfect for individuals who only have minor freezing requirements. 

If you are not a fan of over-the-top features, this refrigerator is ideal. It offers sufficient refrigeration and saves tremendous energy. Additionally, the top rack of the fridge and the freezer are at your eye level, so that’s comfortable. 

What it does lack are a pull-out freezer drawer and a water dispenser. 

That said, if your storage requirements are on the low, this refrigerator should beautifully complement your needs and your kitchen design!

Bottom mount refrigerator – why buy them?

Bottom mount refrigerators have gained popularity in the last 20 odd years. While their energy efficiency is similar to a top mount fridge, they offer better storage options to accommodate your vast needs. 

Bottom freezers are slightly on the pricier side of the scale. But, if you generally buy hefty frozen products like thick-cut meat or often lose items at the back of your freezer, the bottom mount freezer is ideal.  

If you have a small kitchen with a modern and minimalistic design, a bottom-mount freezer will feel perfectly at home.

It’s a great buy if you want greater storage, easier accessibility, and no overhead lifting tasks. The bottom mount refrigerators also come with ice and built-in water dispensers.

You will have to bend every time to access the freezer.

There are only a few models of bottom freezers, but if you are ready to splurge, it’s the trendier option to choose!

Factors to consider when purchasing a top mount refrigerator

Visual appeal and style aside, there are several other factors that you should consider before zeroing down on one refrigerator. 

  1. Interior capacity

Unlike most other refrigerator models, a top mount fridge provides better, more usable storage space in width. It’s usually around 24-33 inches wide. You can choose a French door or a side-by-side double door model if you want even more space. 

  1. Price

Staying on the budget is everyone’s concern. You would be relieved to know that top mount refrigerators are possibly the most inexpensive in the category. Depending on the features and reputable brand, you may find a 400L top mount freezer fridge for under $1000. Features like water dispensers and in-door ice will add to the price tag. 

Although, you can do just fine without a water dispenser too. Changing the water filters will also add to your costs in the long run. Moreover, if you have a home water filter system, a top mount water dispenser is unnecessary.

  1. Easier access

Some people don’t like the idea of having to squat or bend to access the items in the fridge. With a top mount fridge, that issue fades away. All the icy frozen items will be at your eye level and easily accessible.

Final Verdict

Both the refrigerators offer a great list of features and advantages. At the end of the day, the model you choose depends on your budget and space availability. 

So, if you want to buy something affordable that offers spacious capacity, then a top freezer model is perfect. But if you want something that goes more cohesively with your kitchen layout and offers convenient sliding drawers, bottom freezer it is!