Top 6 Benefits Of Using RFID Door Locks


Currently, safety and security are major issues for organizations and individuals. RFID door locks are gaining popularity and a solid presence in the security market, with commercial and residential property owners favoring them. RFID technology provides an advanced form of security. This article will reveal the top benefits of using RFID Door Locks.

Simple To Use

RFID door locks enable convenient installation because the key card is easier and more portable than keys. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, RFID keycards do not require physical contact with door locks. Only proximity to the reader is required to activate the system and unlock the door. This feature is incredibly beneficial, especially when transporting multiple boxes or pieces of luggage. RFID door locks and keycards offer installation choices that are convenient and simple. They are also easy to carry because they utilize the tag instead of requiring you to have a set of keys for various locks. Unlike conventional keys, the tags, which are in the shape of cards, can be fastened to clothing or carried in purses.

Moreover, RFID commercial door lock keycards do not need to touch the scanner to unlock the lock. It only has to be close enough to the person to activate the door’s unlocking mechanism. If a person has many items in their hands, this capability would be highly beneficial for unlocking the door without physical touch.

Observe And Record The Lock

The lock management software ensures that RFID locks enable the business administration to monitor occupancy, battery state, and alarm for lock failure and audit trail. This technology allows corporate management to monitor and track all locks from a central location rather than making regular rounds to ensure everything is functioning properly.


Once upon a time, RFID chips and tags are cheaper nowadays. They range between 7 and 15 cents. Keycards are priced similarly to other cards. The majority of the cost of an RFID security system is attributable to the customer and accompanying components, such as lock management software. RFID locks are a cost-effective security measure for businesses and in your house, like how it is efficient when you purchase a camera for zoom meetings while working from home.

Configurational Flexibility

Currently, RFID door locks typically have Multi-Locker and Multi-User functionality. Multi-User signifies that multiple users can be registered under one lock, such as the office building’s main entrance door.

On the other hand, Multi-Locker indicates that a single user is allocated to multiple lockers, for instance, the master card of a hotel that is kept under the manager’s supervision. In addition, when you use RFID door locks, you can let others into your home at your discretion. You will not need to duplicate a key or leave spare keys for canine pedestrians, maids, or house guests to enter your residence. However, the loss of a card renders RFID door locks inoperable.

Pick-Proof And Keyless

RFID is no keyhole available to open these locks. This technology renders the RFID Door locks pick-resistant and prevents break-ins by preventing burglars from picking or bumping the locks using conventional methods. Opening RFID locker locks without the keycard are difficult, time-consuming, and demands substantial technical resources. It could be like steam valves utilizing more technical tools. People frequently need to find their keys. Keycards are less likely to be lost, destroyed, or stolen. Even if a person loses a keycard, it is considerably simpler, less expensive, and quicker to produce a replacement than it is to replace a lost key. In addition, RFID locks with mobile access can be unlocked using a smartphone, removing the requirement for a keycard.

Smartphone Access And Data Security

Numerous RFID door locks have technology that permits customers to use their smartphones as the keycard. To unlock RFID door locks using their mobile phone, the user need only register via an application. RFID door locks are accessible via smartphones in addition to keycards because RFID locks utilize wireless technology.

Furthermore, you can use Bluetooth low energy or BLE to trigger the lock system and get access. Some security companies have made RFID Mobile Access to lock and unlock with a smartphone instead of a keycard, making things easier for people. One would require specialized equipment to access the data stored on RFID keycards. Therefore, the RFID chips’ unique identifying codes are highly safe. The information on the keycard must be relevant to your organization or house so that you can construct an ID known only to your firm or family. However, a missing keycard would be meaningful to someone unfamiliar with your organization’s security system.


RFID door locks are the future security technology for business and domestic applications. RFID is a useful and simple-to-use security technology for all mid-to-large-sized companies due to its numerous advantages and reasonable price. The safety and security of your family, customers, staff, and the organization are modern business owners and family’s primary concerns. Lost keys, thievery, and forgotten PINs are daily annoyances for all business owners. RFID door locks are a great answer to these issues. If you are planning to purchase RFID Door locks in your homes or offices, the best way to know first is what the benefits will help you in the long run and whether they are efficient enough for daily use.