Tips To Maximize Your Custom T-Shirt Printing Budget


Custom t-shirts can be a great way to get any message across. These are also excellent methods to flaunt and get your brand known or even show love for a particular product. 

If you’re engaged in selling customized t-shirts, you must know how to maximize your t-shirt printing budget. When you do this, you can lessen your overhead cost while raising your profit. 

If this sounds good to you, consider these t-shirting printing ideas you can try for your business:

Order Blank Shirts and Have Them Printed Locally

If you want to save money, order blank shirts and commission a local print shop to take care of the printing job. You can save more by finding a shop within the vicinity that will print the shirt for less than shipping it off to a printer overseas. 

This cheap t-shirt printing idea allows your money to remain within the community. It doesn’t have to go into paying for shipping costs.

Go With Custom T-Shirt Designs

A standard t-shirt design is a safe bet for any business. It’s less expensive than custom designs. However, it won’t guarantee more sales. On top of that, you won’t stand out from the crowd with a uniform, standard look. 

The best part about custom designs is that your customers can do whatever they want with a tee while appreciating its unique features.

Custom tees may cost more than standard tees, but you could also sell more. With more sales, you can generate more profit. You can even set up a dropshipping business where you can market these custom-designed tees. You’ll rake in more money selling these shirts this way. 

Add Logos to Your T-Shirts

You should consider adding an option where your clients can add their logo to their t-shirts. You can place the logo on the front, back or sleeves. You can also have it printed on the collar or hem of the shirt. 

It’s a great idea to have multiple location options for the logos to give your clients flexibility when ordering shirts in bulk.

T-shirts with logos are typically more expensive than plain ones because they require more work from designers specialized in making these emblems look good on clothing. However, you could sell them for a higher price to clients needing them. 

You can partner with a company offering print-on-demand services and be the middleman between them and the customers. This can help you lessen the money you shell out for every order. 

You can also try something simple like a text-based logo instead of a complex one with images or designs. No added cost would apply since you only added a colour.

Use Only One Ink Colour During T-Shirt Printing

Printing using only one colour instead of two or more is one of the most straightforward ways to save money on custom t-shirt printing. When you choose a single ink colour, it’s easier for the printer to match the shade with other items printed in the same order. 

One of the most common mistakes new businesses make is adding too many colours into their designs and having trouble matching them later. The only exception will be if you’re printing using white ink and adding another colour as an accent. 

Most small businesses tend toward black or dark blue tees, so going with just those two colours can save some serious cash in both upfront costs as well as long-term savings. With this, you won’t have multiple types of shipments coming to your door every week.

Printing your designs using a direct-to-film printer is another cost-effective option to consider. With this method, you can save money on setup time and labour costs by eliminating the need for separate screens for each colour. Additionally, direct-to-film printing produces designs with sharp and vibrant colours that will complement the simplicity of a one-colour print. So, if you’re looking for an efficient way to keep your custom t-shirt printing costs down, combining a single-ink colour

 with direct-to-film printing could be an excellent choice.

Be Smart With Your Business Decisions

Whether new or seasoned in the custom t-shirt design industry, you can make your budget work for you. Be mindful of the tips here and learn from the ways of those who went before you. 

It’s rare to see businesses make it big right away. Most of the time, people’s success results from smart decisions coupled with a passion for what they’re doing, a burning desire to learn, and dedication to succeed in their craft.