These Are the Best Pennsylvania Cities for Your Career


Pennsylvania is one of the best states for work. Not only does it have a thriving economy that’s been rocketing forward since the 1700s, but it also offers a large range of choices of cities and careers that can give you the life you want.

These are the best cities in Pennsylvania for starting a new career, and why their economies are the ones you should depend on.


Although York has a high unemployment rate, don’t let it scare you away from this incredible city! Not only is there a thriving economy with countless businesses to pick from for employment, you still get to enjoy the laid-back feeling of small to mid-sized city life. This means less chaos and noise and more time getting to find a good work and life balance.


With a far better unemployment rate than York, Lancaster is a city that’s been growing a lot since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. A large part of this was the affordable living here, but businesses have been excited to see a major boom as well. This is awesome for anyone who’s worried about finding a job they’ll be able to thrive in! There are countless options here.


Although Philadelphia houses for sale are some of the most expensive on this list, they give you a chance to connect with fantastic employers. Philadelphia has had a strong economy for the last few years, working on bringing down the unemployment rate and ensuring that workers have safe and comfortable places to work.

The average pay per worker is higher than most of the state, which means you can rest assured that you’ll make enough money to live off of.

Beyond all of that, Philadelphia is a genuinely interesting place to live! Countless museums, art galleries, theaters, and more ensure you’ll never get bored while here!

Is it Worth Moving For Work?

Although pre-2020, more people had trepidation about moving, as of 2023, almost a third of Americans say they’d be willing to move states if it meant they could score a good and reliable job. The most important thing about relocating for work is ensuring that you have an employer you can grow with that will pay you more than enough to thrive.

Pennsylvania can be affordable, depending on where you live, and offers a large array of career options so you can find what suits you back. If you can hunt and find a job before you move out here, this state will feel like a dream come true in no time!

Remember to collect your savings ahead of time! At least three months of expenses is a good idea since it’ll give you a buffer if you struggle to find housing or work immediately.

Pennsylvania Could be the Key to Your Career!

Whether you’re starting your career and don’t know where to go, or you’re settled in an industry and want to climb the corporate ladder, Pennsylvania has you covered! Consider moving to one of these incredible cities to watch your career goals come true.