The Most Valuable Things You Can Find to Sell in Your Home


Have you been struggling to find extra money to set aside for savings, paying off debt, or planning your next family vacation? It may be time to turn some of those unused and unloved belongings cluttering up your home into an injection of funds.

It’s money that you can use for any aspect of your financial goals, and it gives you the benefit of clearing up storage space in your home. 

The best place to start is with those items that will deliver the best value. Here’s where to start looking to add some extra cash to your household budget.

Silver Jewellery and Flatware

Silver is a very valuable metal and it can quickly turn into a useful extra bit of cash, depending on how much of it you have. Not only can you find silver in your jewellery collection, but it can be found in old flatware sets, tea sets, and other heirlooms that you may have inherited.

The best place to take silver jewellery and flatware is to your local silver buyers, such as bullion dealers or jewellers. Taking it directly to them can help you cut down on costs such as shipping and insurance, and you can get an evaluation and quote right away.

Men’s Watches

Luxury men’s watches can also be a great source of resale value. It’s not just gold watches, either. Trends have shifted noticeably toward stainless steel, and in many ways, it’s the name of the designer that matters the most.

Different watch enthusiasts prioritize different qualities. Gold and diamonds will always add considerable extra value to a timepiece, but there are also enthusiasts who want timepieces with a reputation for doing their job well and a history of keeping their value across generations.

Carefully consider buyers if you have a watch made by brands such as:

  • TAG Heuer
  • Patek Philippe
  • Rolex
  • Omega
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre

Retro Games & Vintage Toys

The money isn’t all in heirlooms, jewellery, and watches, though. Plenty of collectors are out there looking for fun and games.

Retro video game systems in working condition have a pretty steady market, as there are plenty of nostalgic gamers who will pay for old consoles and the games that go with them. Dust off your old Atari, SEGA, or Nintendo and see what listings are like online.

Vintage toys can also be hot items, especially if they’re still in the original packaging. Condition matters a lot with collectibles like these.

Mid-Century Modern

The market for mid-century modern furniture is still robust among collectors and aficionados, despite the growth of cheaper replicas targeting Millennial buyers.

MCM furniture is a design that comes from the 1950s and ‘60s, and it’s been enjoying a revival as of late thanks to its clean lines, functionality, and simplicity. The style has resonated with Millennials, who are now entering the housing market in larger numbers, and many are looking to fill up more space than they’ve ever had.

If you have any mid-century modern furniture, look for brand names like Eames, Knoll, Jacobsen, and Saarinen.

Selling household items that you no longer want or use is a great way to pad your budget and quickly generate some extra cash.