The Importance Of Sapphires In Engagement Rings And Why Everyone Is Buying Them


The trend of using coloured gemstones in bridal jewellery is becoming more popular among today’s brides. It is stated that there is an increase in demand for these stones, and Australia now accounts for more than 70 per cent of the world’s blue sapphire output. Betrothal rings have long been distinguished by using coloured stones in prominent positions. Sapphire engagement ring in Australia was the undisputed king of engagement rings for a long time until a marketing push by DeBeers propelled diamonds to the forefront of the competition. Several well-known celebrities and royal families have turned to sapphire engagement rings in recent years for a more original and personal approach. The popularity of sapphires has been rising recently, and here are five reasons.

The Most Distinctive Wedding Bands Are Those Set With Sapphires

It is impossible to find two sapphires of the same hue identical to one another because their colours vary. It ensures that the ring you choose will be one-of-a-kind, like your connection with your significant other. You will get a one-of-a-kind item when you purchase a ring made of sapphires.

Sapphires are easily accessible gemstones that may be purchased at acceptable rates for various cuts and shapes. Compared to their diamond cousins, properly proportioned sapphires in unique shapes are considerably easier to come across. It is because they may be cut to optimise their brightness and shine. Because you will only buy an engagement ring once in your lifetime, you should make it as unique as possible.

Diamonds Are More Common But Also More Expensive Than Sapphires

Because De Beers manipulated consumer demand and marketing methods like “A Diamond Is Forever,” diamond prices have been maintained at relatively high levels even though diamonds are not particularly rare. On the other side, since the sapphire business was never monopolised, sapphires may be purchased at more affordable prices. Many people are engaged in sapphire trading and are not accountable to a single institution that sets the prices of all stones. It makes it possible for the demand for sapphires to reach an organic level, lowering the price of these rare stones and making them accessible to more people.

Sapphires Are The Most Responsible Option

As a result of the fact that sapphires are often extracted from tiny mines that are run by families or communities, it is much simpler to determine who exactly profits from the sale of gemstones.

Sapphires Have An Extremely Long Lifespan

On Moh’s hardness scale, sapphire, a member of the corundum family, receives a 9, indicating that it is very resistant to scratching and robust. Other precious and semi-precious gemstones, like emeralds, do not have the exceptional physical qualities that sapphire has, and as a result, they are not nearly as indestructible as sapphire. Not only is an engagement ring set with a sapphire lovely to look at, but it is also quite durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily living for a lifetime.

The Price Of Sapphires Is Soaring At An Alarming Rate

This pattern is undeniably observable at the most prestigious auction houses in the world, where sales of sapphires are breaking records at every auction conducted this year. As a result of increased consumer awareness about the value of natural, untreated sapphires, there has been an uptick in recent sales of untreated sapphires. The current boom in the usage of sapphires in engagement rings and other forms of fine jewellery will, of course, only reduce the availability of the gemstone, which will, in turn, cause its value to rise over time.


Choose a sapphire for your engagement ring if you want to simultaneously be audacious, unique, and authentic. Explore the many options for a sapphire engagement ring in Australia available in the large selection of sapphire engagement rings, or go in a new direction and create the ring of your dreams. It will bring you a lifetime of happiness!

Author Name – Carmela Cahtillo