The Best Comedy Movies of all time


Comedy audi a6 2012 receives very little, if any, respect. Certainly not as much as it deserves. Is there anything more difficult than getting the entire theater to laugh? Stand-up comedians will tell you that people’s sense of humor varies widely from country to country, city to city, and generation to generation. More people can relate to other genres. A drama that tugs at your heart will almost certainly bring you to tears, and a big, loud action flick will leave faces flushed and ears ringing across time. Comedy holds up much less well.

The proverb goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well, having a good chuckle every day might help dispel that persistent sense of total doom. We can at least hope. In a lot of ways, it’s important for people to laugh whenever they can, especially during difficult times. A movie is a great way to make people laugh, which is a natural stress reliever. In such instances, the best treatment is a timeless comedy.

As a result, we arrive at the very best. Every day, new comedies are released. However, there are a few things you need to become great. A small amount of time is a part of it to ensure that the laughter was not spontaneous. The following group is a dedicated following that will preserve the story. Additionally, the third segment is a touch of film magic. The best dark comedies, rom-coms, and slapstick comedies all have it.

Even if you don’t usually laugh out loud at comedies, the movies below are sure to make you giggle a little or even guffaw loudly and unexpectedly.

Coming to America

Before watching the sequel, watch the first Coming to America to refresh your memory. In this romantic comedy from 1988, Eddie Murphy plays the Prince of an African nation who moves to Queens, New York, with the intention of marrying the woman of his dreams.

Dumb and Dumber audi a6 2006

With the emergence of a certain over-the-top, zany comedian by the name of Jim Carrey, the comedy genre experienced a seismic shift in its side-splitting audi a6 2012 landscape in the 1990s. He had Ace Ventura, Fletcher Reede, and the Cable Guy, but Lloyd Christmas is who he is most adored by. Dumb and Dumber became the low-brow comedy that everyone from the playground to the country club was quoting thanks to its pairing of comedy Farrelly gold in front of the camera and Jeff Daniels’ equally naive sidekick behind it.

The Naked Gun

13. Second only to Airplane in terms of popularity! The Naked Gun never encountered a dumb pun, slapstick pratfall, or deadpan one-liner that it did not like in terms of the gag-for-gag hit rate. Leslie Nielsen became a bigger star in the movie than he had ever been in straight-man roles in “proper” disaster movies. However, he lost that goodwill almost immediately in films like Dracula: Dead and Loving. It was followed by a slew of sequels, the first of which is well worth watching just for the incredible “awfully big mustache” line.

Trading Places

In this sadistic fairy tale about two conniving businessmen who decide to replace one of their best employees, Harvard elitist audi a3 2010 Dan Akyroyd, with Eddie Murphy’s sharp-witted street bum, America’s love-hate relationship with capitalism is rarely explored more cannily than in Trading Places (1983). When Aykroyd and his former rival pull together for the big climactic switcheroo, you are firmly in their corner because the image of him drunk and suicidal in a Santa suit on Christmas Eve says more about the realities (and brutalities) of Wall Street than a hundred financial-crash documentaries.


Amy Heckerling comprehended the task when she rethought the Jane Austen exemplary Emma for a youngster crowd during the ’90s. Heckerling then updated her dialogue with vernacular appropriate for the affluent social class at the audi a3 2010 center of her narrative, swapping the spencers and pelisses of the Regency era for the button-front minis and plaid-patterned dresses of the decade. This hilarious comedy about college life just keeps getting better as it gets older. It’s genius, clever, and timeless.

One of life’s best and most physically and psychologically necessary experiences is laughing, which is a universal experience. Comedies are so important for this reason. It’s a personal, subjective, and honestly arbitrary task to choose the funniest movies ever made, but we’re taking it on with enthusiasm. Because, at the end of the day, a laugh is a laugh, regardless of one’s preference for film humor—whether it’s slapstick, deadpan, raunch, pitch black, situational, satirical, or any combination of the above. And as the saying goes, laughter is, well, you know.

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