The Benefits of Living in a Bungalow


One of the most popular home designs in 2022 is the bungalow. While you might be surprised that bungalows are gaining traction in today’s housing market, there’s a good reason why they are becoming so popular. Here are a few critical features of bungalow living that attract buyers custom homes. 

Ease of Accessibility 

Far and away, the thing that brings most people to purchase a bungalow is that they offer all the living space you need, including everything you could ever want in a home, without the need to include stairways or additional floors. As such, it is easy to see that a home that avoids stairways can be made accessible, which is either a necessity or an attractive feature for anyone with mobility concerns. 

This ease of access makes bungalow homes so popular among 55+ adult community developments. Senior citizens often opt to live in a bungalow when they start to develop mobility issues, expect to develop them or appreciate owning a home where any guests with mobility issues will be comfortable visiting. 

New Construction Due to Popular Demand 

Given the popularity of bungalows among seniors, it can be challenging to find a previously owned model for sale, especially in coveted retirement locations like active adult lifestyle communities. Consequently, home builders have responded by offering floor plans for bungalows both for seniors and younger couples. Younger buyers are now buying bungalows for two reasons: One is the pleasure and convenience of bungalow living and second is that they know bungalows will have superior re-sale value. Additionally, many home builders offer luxury interior designs and custom options.

Custom Bungalow Homes

It is one thing to buy a gorgeous bungalow that you find in a prime location; it is another altogether to work with a custom home builder to make your bungalow fit every desire you have for a home. If you’re interested in a move-in-ready home that accommodates all of your preferences, you should work with a custom home builder such as Rotelle Studio(e), who builds custom homes in Pennsylvania, to create a newly built bungalow perfect for your needs. 

Open-Concept Living

Another aspect of bungalow homes that makes them such a popular choice is that they can easily accommodate open-concept designs. While open concept plans grew immensely in popularity in the early 1990s, there is no sign of the trend disappearing. You can fast-track your way to living in a bungalow-style home with an open-concept design when you buy a newly built home. 

Easy to Maintain

Another attractive aspect of bungalow homes is how easy they are to maintain. For example, in any situation where you need to do repairs outside, such as a window replacement, you’ll never need to climb a ladder to reach dangerous heights. Instead, most of the regular maintenance you’ll need to do on your home will always remain within close reach. Easy maintenance is also one of the critical factors that attract seniors to bungalows.

Consider a custom bungalow if you’re looking for a home that eliminates the hassle of stairways, but allows you to include everything you could ever want in a new home. Get in contact with a custom home builder to find out how you can move into a bungalow home.