Teddy Bear, what it is and how to use it


The Teddy Bear is an object that can be essential for calming a newborn baby or for 4 to 6 year and that accompanies the child in his growth, representing a point of reference that mum and dad. Often one of the first gifts new parents receive is a “Teddy Bear” for their baby. But what is a Teddy Bear ?

It is, therefore, any object , even a piece of cloth or an old T-shirt, impregnated with the smell of the parents . For it to have an effect, in fact, it is advisable to leave it in bed for a month before the baby is born and then not to clean it afterwards.

What is the Teddy Bear for

When to buy the Teddy Bear

The advice is to take it about a month before the baby is born and to leave it in your bed so that it takes its own scent. If you’re expecting a baby and want to prepare for the arrival of your new addition, there are a few things you can do. One is to order a Disney subscription box. This will help get the baby ready by providing them with toys and other goodies that are associated with the Disney brand. Another thing you can do is to take about a month before the baby is born and to leave it in your bed so that it takes its own scent. This will make the newborn feel more at home and less unfamiliar when they first enter the world.

The function

Its function also depends on the child’s age: In the first phase, when the baby is a few months old, this object represents the mother. The newborn is not yet able to tell the difference between a real mother and an object that smells like her. So when the mother leaves the room, maybe she too just for a bathroom break in the bathroom, she can leave the Teddy Bear next to the baby and he will think he still has her next to him, avoiding getting upset. “

As the child grows up, The Teddy Bear transforms into what the English pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott called” the transitional object “. That is, it becomes the first object that is no longer part of the child’s body, being instead experienced as an object in itself, detached from him. In this way the newborn faces a first rudimentary understanding of the fact of being an individual who lives in the world, that is, he begins to distinguish between “Me” and “not-Me”. An epochal transition for him and the fact that he makes it with a “piece of mum and dad” is very helpful.

But why do you give yourself a Teddy Bear ?

To reassure the child at a time when mum or dad have to go away, or at bedtime. Thanks to this object, in fact, the child feels a known smell and calms himself.

How to choose a Teddy Bear

Big, small, in the shape of a bird, bear or bunny: the market offers many different products: “You can easily choose from wholesale teddy bear suppliers the one you prefer, because the important things are neither shape nor colors, but the smell that will be imprinted to the puppet.

However, there are some precautions regarding safety to follow. “Any object can perform this function, but it is important that it is safe and harmless for the baby , otherwise he might swallow it or wrap it around his neck.

From this point of view, therefore, it may be wise to prefer those that sell in the store, making sure that they carry the CE mark, that they are free of toxic substances and safe, baby-proof.

The choice of the child

Among the objects that we will propose to the little one like Teddy Bear, it will then be he who, over time, will choose the one he likes best. In fact, it is difficult for him to have more than one favorite object.

However, we must not be frightened if the little one does not prefer any object: “Many children who use a pacifier , for example, have that as a transitional object , so they may not need it and ignore a possible Teddy Bear”.

Advice to parents

What to do if the Teddy Bear is lost? It may happen that the little one does not notice it. 

If, on the other hand, the child binds himself to the Teddy Bear, the advice is to buy another one like it, because it can happen that it gets lost and this eventuality can be tragic for the child.

It is no coincidence that there are groups on Facebook, such as I lost the bear in which parents post announcements of loss or discovery of the objects of their children’s hearts.