Side effects of overusage of antacids for men


Food is the fuel for the body. All the activities we do voluntarily or involuntarily the energy to do come from the food we eat. Hence, it becomes very important to be choosy while eating. Healthy food improves the metabolism and imparts positivity to the body whereas unhealthy options degrade the health status. Nowadays fast food has taken the centre stage and replaced home-cooked food. This has resulted in various digestive and gut-related problems. One such problem that troubles men is acidity which is the result of their actions. 

We all know that acids are released in the stomach to break down food into simpler forms. During acidity, excess acid is released leads to heartburn, chest pain and sour mouth. Even the use of Fildena and Cenforce 100 does not relieve acidity. The simplest and most used treatment of acidity is to take antacids. Antacids are a class of medicines that neutralize the acidity in the stomach and bring the extremely low pH level to neutral. But every medicine has minor or major side effects. Hence, antacids are also medicines that may lead to some side effects. 

The convenient nature of taking antacids makes them a drug that is used by almost everybody without even consulting the doctor. This has led to a situation where men take excess antacids to cure acidity. They do not want to give up consumption of unhealthy foods hence, they take antacids for granted to be used every time. But overuse of antacids will lead to side effects if not instantly then surely in the long run after months or years. Hence, one should treat antacids as a drug and not something which they can take regularly. In this article, we shall discuss some of the side effects due to the overuse of antacids. 


One of the main side effects of taking excess antacids is constipation and poor bowel movements. Antacids contain aluminium, calcium, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium and other basic elements to act against acidity by neutralising it. The passage of stools through the intestine gets affected due to the neutralisation reaction. Constipation may be continued till antacids are used. So, you can say that constipation and antacids are anti to each other. Hence, it is advised by doctors take light meals during the medication of antacids. Avoid taking any fast food and acidic juice or beverage. Laxatives can be used to get relief but that too after consulting the doctor. Constipation can have a bad effect on productivity which your employer may not like.  

Weak bones

Weak bones are found in men taking excess antacids. There is a variety of antacids, like milk of magnesia that contains magnesium, similarly, antacids come with aluminium, sodium bicarbonate and other bases. Weak bones are mostly caused by aluminium antacids that as it removes calcium and phosphate from the body. Calcium and phosphate are major constituents of the bones, when they are deficient the bones become weak. This increases the probability of bone disorders like osteoporosis and fractures. Even minor physical pressure on the bones will break them. Such men are not allowed to do strenuous physical activities. 

Weak immune system

Another dangerous side effect that troubles men on the overuse of antacids are poor immune system. We know that antacids suppress the acids in the stomach by neutralizing them. In a way, one can say that antacids make the stomach less acidic or more basic. Normal consumption of antacids reduces acidity and makes it neutral. When excess antacids are taken the juices in the stomach turn basic. Acids of the stomach are not only beneficial for digesting the food but also kill the bacteria in the stomach. Hence, when very less acid is present in the stomach due to excess use of antacid, the harmful bacteria in the stomach are not killed. This increases the risk of infections in the stomach and the overall immune system weakens. 

Kidney Stones

Excess antacids will create a situation where elements like aluminium and calcium are present in large quantities in the body. This can lead to a situation where calcium may get mixed with urine which will lead to the formation of kidney stones. With time the number of stones and size of stones both will increase. This can cause a severe problem in urination as the urine may get blocked due to kidney stones. Painful urination or sometimes there is an intense urge to urinate but the urine does not find a way to come out. This is mostly treated with surgery by removing the kidney stones but sometimes the doctors may give medications that break the stones into smaller particles and pass out from the body along with urine and faeces.


Men must definitely use antacids when needed but they should also think about why is acidity happening so frequently. For permanent relief from acidity, one must change the diet and lifestyle or else excess use will lead to the above-mentioned side effects. Such men keep checking Fildena 150 Price from

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