Rising actress of the 1990s- Martie Allen – everything to know 

Martie Allen
Martie Allen

Who is Kristy McNichol’s secret wife? Martie Allen – Bio, net worth, career.


Remember when the media sparked up about McNichol’s relationship with another actress? 

Well, any idea how both are doing at the moment? Here’s all the tea you need on Martie Allen:

Biography of Martie Allen

Martie Allen is a public figure, well known for her relationship status with Kristy McNichol and her identity as a lesbian. Martie had a dream life as a popular actress, but all of it broke down when she had back-to-back downhill in her career. Even her spouse, McNichol is more well-known than Martie herself. 

The physical appearance of Martie Allen

Martie has a good height of around 5’5 ft and maintains her body weight at 55 kg

Family of Martie Allen 

Martie is relatively a very private person, but she was born as an American and holds American citizenship. As of now, the 63 years old former actress lives with her wife- McNichol as a family. 

The early life of Martie Allen 

Martie Allen was born on the 1st of Jan, 1960. She is known to be a very secretive person, who barely shares anything personal about her life. Although there are not many details regarding her early life, she has claimed to have had an interest in acting as a child. 

Education of Martie Allen

The entertainment industry always attracted Martie and she carried a dream life of an actress. She was always clear about wanting an acting career, which supposedly didn’t go so well for her. And although Martie somehow was able to get through acting, she couldn’t reach the height of her wife, McNichol. 

Current status of Martie Allen’s professional career

Even their professional career and how it has been is a well-kept secret of Martie. However, rumors spread that Martie tried hard getting through auditions for several roles but failed. On the other hand, McNichol achieved fame as an actress with success. 

Also, both have decided to not come out in the lights of media or social media accounts. What Martie did for a living is very unclear as she barely earned as an actress. 

Relationship of Martie Allen 

Since the late 1990s, something magical sparked between Martie and McNichol. Both officially began dating in 1991, to further getting married a few years later. Due to their preference for having a private life, the wedding ceremony was also very private.

Married life of Martie Allen and McNichol 

The former actresses got married to each other a few years after they began dating in 1991. Both now happily live together in the US and left their job as an actress, also away from any kind of media attention. However, the love life was kept a secret for a long time until McNichol came forward with her being a lesbian in 2012. 

Movies by Martie Allen

Martie Allen couldn’t become a successful actress. A few of the supporting roles she played were in films like Empty Nest, Family, and Darlings. Other than that, there isn’t much data available on her.

Social media of Martie Allen 

As the duo seems to hate media and its negativity, both Martie Allen and her partner stay away from any social media network. 

The net worth of Martie Allen 

In 2023, Martie Allen was estimated to have a net worth of around $400,000 (unconfirmed data). 


Martie Allen is not popular, even though it was her dream to be an actress. She’s a very secretive being and there could have been many reasons for her failure as an actress. And unlike her wife, McNichol, people barely know who Martie Allen is. One speculation for the same is her downfall of career and small negligible roles in films.

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