Pay attention to these 3 things if you want your car to retain its value


With time any car loses its value as a percentage of its original market price, because of many reasons besides age of course. In this article we will share all the things that impact your car’s price, and what you can do to retain your car’s value over time.

Your car’s value starts going down the same moment you buy the car and start driving it. It is estimated that all cars lose about 11% of its value at that moment. If you are planning on selling your car in several years, you must know how to take proper care of your vehicle, in order to retain and preserve its market value.

There are some car owners that change their cars every two or three years. There are others who plan to keep their car forever or not change it in many years. Whichever the case your car must be taken care of well enough to retain its trade-in value. The things that impact the car value are: year of production, car model, car’s specifications, popularity and demand for it koli od svajcarija on the market, physical and working condition, maintenance done, proper documentation, etc.

Make sure you devote attention to these 4 areas if you’re looking to retain the maximum car value:

1. Drive carefully

The more you drive your car, wear increases, and auto parts get damaged as well. High mileage on your car can increase the rate of depreciation. Drive carefully and don’t abuse your car, if you don’t want to lower its value. Try to avoid racing your car and taking it off-roading.

2. Have your interior shine bright

The look and smell of your car’s interio tells a lot about owners habits in regards to how well their car is maintained. Dust accumulated on the interiors will gradually lead to its wear and the overall car quality will be immediately lowered. Vacuum the dirt regularly and keep all surfaces, car floor, mats, dashboard, console and upholstery fabric clean and dust-free. Also it is very important not to leave your car floor and mats wet because that might lead to bad odour and rusting of the metal parts samad mk. Clean the car seats and make sure not to put on them and products that might leave a stain. A spotless, clean interior, free of bad smell and  stains will attract more buyers and increase the overal car’s value. Avoiding to smoke in the car will also contribute to retaining your car’s value.

3. Don’t ignore repairs and timely maintenance

A car that is well maintained is hard to find on the market nowadays. If you devote enough attention to your car, and replace any weared out spare parts  in a timely manner, akumulatori skopje you will be able to sell your car quicker and at a higher price. Changing fuel, filters, and any other parts regularly will lead to a car with retained value. Scratches, dents and dings can have an impact on your car’s resale value as well. If any repairs are needed, it’s also best to use manufacturer approved parts, and make sure to keep the receipts as proof.

Taking a good care of your car is very important no matter if you are planning to seek your car few years after you sell it or if you plan to keep it in your ownership for years to come. A well maintained car doesn’t only retains it’s resell value but more importantly it provides a secure and safe transportation.