Major BMW Carbon Fiber Parts That are a Must Among Modern Supercars


You are operating a stunning model of the well-known brand in the field of car manufacturing BMW, renowned for its superior performance and stringent safety standards. It provides excellent comfort and a stylish design with many standout features. You must look into the exclusive ranges of aftermarket parts in addition to the factory-installed parts with conventional designs if you want to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance and power. They can increase the life of your current components and improve the overall performance of your supercar. The BMW carbon fiber parts also guarantee improved riding comfort and safety for everyone. Here are a few extras that many supercar owners now consider necessary.

Important Accessories For Supercars    

Customized Steering Wheel

Improved grip and control over your BMW supercar are guaranteed with a custom steering wheel. It enhances comfort and provides an improved driving experience because it is made to perfectly fit the size and shape of your hands. For your convenience, extra features like enhanced audio and navigation controls can be added to them. Furthermore, installing steering as an upgrade of BMW carbon fiber parts gives the interior of the car a more unique touch.

Door Light Projectors

When the door is opened, door light projectors project a logo or pattern onto the ground. Additionally, they make it simpler to find in a crowded parking lot. They are often used as a safety feature to warn other drivers and pedestrians of an open door when it is dark outside. Additionally, they give your supercar a stylish and opulent appearance.

Pedal Shifters

Since they are simple to use and switch to, pedal shifters perform best when made of lightweight materials. They provide a more accurate and quick shifting to get the best performance out of the vehicle. They have a sleek and fashionable appearance when made of carbon fiber, which is making them a popular choice for BMW F90 M5 enthusiasts.

Mirror Caps Projectors

Mirror caps are typically seen as decorative accents that improve the appearance of your car. According to the owner’s preferences, they either offer a striking contrast or perfectly match the exteriors to make a style statement. Contrary to popular belief, these BMW carbon fiber caps also function practically. They serve as a shield around the actual mirror, which is extremely vulnerable to accidents and road debris. Additionally, they can increase visibility by lowering glare and reflection, which makes them very helpful on cloudy and sunny days.

Rear Spoilers

They are aerodynamic components that help maintain the integrity of the car by increasing the downforce on the rear wheels. This enhances stability and traction even during fast-paced racing. While adjustable spoilers can be adjusted to accommodate various driving conditions, fixed spoilers are permanently affixed to the car’s body. Many people view them as an opulent and sporty upgrade to conventional designs.

Headlight Trim

Headlight trim is primarily used to improve the appearance of the vehicle and serve as a barrier to shield the headlights from potential low-intensity hits. They enhance the overall lighting of your F90 M5 supercar due to their reflective nature.

Emblem Roundel

When identifying the make and model of a car, the emblem roundel is frequently used. It can be used to give the car a little extra flair and personality. For many people, it adds a distinctive feature that makes their car stand out. In aftermarket shops, it is widely offered as BMW F10 accessories.


Finding quality BMW carbon fiber parts can be difficult due to the abundance of options on the market. The aforementioned components, however, can improve your supercar’s performance and upgrade its appearance when replaced with the existing pre-installed components. 

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