Juuzou Suzuya and Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver: Inspiration To Have


Juuzou Suzuya is a Special Class Associate Ghoul Investigator.

He used to go by the name Rei Suzuya. After Yukinori Shinohara, Hanbee Abara is his current partner. The 20th ward and the Binge Eater probe were given to him as his first assignments. He and his team are now investigating the spooky Nutcracker in the 13th ward.

Suzuya is youthful-looking, androgynous, and has pure shoulder-length white hair. With red hairpins that resemble the Roman numeral XIII, he pulls back his bangs. Under his blood-red eyes, there are bags. He self-stitches on his own body and describes it as a form of body modification. There is a tiny area of red stitching that resembles two xs below his right eye. Sewing threads are all over his right hand, right arm, bottom lip, and one just below his bottom lip.

Juuzou completely lost all morality and no longer feels fear or pain after having therapy from Big Madam. He used to have a rather traditional attitude. Yukinori Shinohara, his tutor, thought of him as a troubled young man. Although he may appear young and carefree, he is a really violent and tormented individual.

He likes to kill people, and he frequently finds enormous satisfaction in the ease and effectiveness of his techniques. Oomori was innocent, but because of his past, his interrogator thought that Oomori had instigated the slaughter of several animals when he was being “trained” by the CCG. Suzuya was used as a scapegoat to protect the real murderer from punishment because there was no doubt that he had carried out the crimes.

Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver

Bubblegum Honey a Well-known British celebrity is Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver

. Since she is Jamie Oliver’s daughter, a well-known chef and media personality, she has gained notoriety. Model Juliette Norton, her mother, is well-known. Poppy’s grandparents, Trevor and Sally Oliver, are both well-known people. They formerly operated and owned their own restaurants all across the UK. Jamie’s parents encouraged him to work toward his goal of being a well-known chef around the world. Jamie Oliver, one of the busiest chefs in the world, and Juliette Norton are married and have five kids together. Let’s find out more about Jamie’s most important relationships.

Poppy Oliver was born in London and raised in Clavering and London. Her parents are former model Jools Oliver and well-known chef and fashion designer Jamie Oliver. The younger siblings of Poppy are Buddy, River, Daisy, Petal, and Daisy. Poppy, 17, is working on her A levels at the moment.


Although Poppy has reportedly found it “embarrassing” and occasionally detests participating on his shows, Jamie Oliver has reportedly acknowledged Poppy and her brothers in interviews. Rei Suzuya is a significant and powerful ghoul who was raised as Big Madam’s pet after being abducted as a young child. He received instruction in circus routines that he would perform for paying ghouls in exchange for “Good Boy Points” that Big Madam would use to punish him. He eventually began working at the Ghoul Restaurant as “Juuzou,” a Scrapper. After his first murder, he was unwell for a few days, but eventually his moral compass disappeared. Big Madam, whom he thought to be his mother, he frequently pretended to be a lady. Big Madam started to worry that he may get old and lose his appeal. She brutally castrated him with a hammer so he couldn’t live a girl’s life.