Is Review Worth the Hype? Read to Find Out


As an MBA aspirant getting a different perspective from third-party reviewers is very important to get an unbiased opinion because it provides an objective analysis. Looking for such reviews, I found a piece on MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews.

MBA and Beyond is a platform that offers MBA admission consulting services to individuals looking to pursue their MBAs from top business schools across the globe. The website features a section of testimonials from previous successful applicants that highlight the effectiveness of their services.

Upon reviewing the MBAANDBEYOND.COM Review page, it is clear that the platform has gathered a significant amount of positive feedback from applicants. The testimonials showcase the success stories of individuals who have utilized their services and gained admission to prestigious MBA programs. These reviews serve as a testament to the efficacy of their services and the level of satisfaction experienced by applicants.

One common theme I found in MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews and testimonials is the level of expertise and personalized attention provided by their consultants. Applicants praise the consultants for their knowledge, responsiveness, and ability to provide effective guidance throughout the MBA application process. This is a crucial factor for individuals seeking MBA admission consulting services, as it ensures that they receive the best possible support in pursuing their MBA goals.

Another important aspect highlighted in the MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews is the effectiveness of the application support provided by them. Applicants have expressed their satisfaction with the level of detail and guidance provided throughout the application process, which ultimately led to their success in locking their seats at their dream schools.

I found these two testimonials on MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews that I find very interesting and insightful. 

“For me, I did not have a “720+ GMAT,” and so, as told by many experts, I did not have anything special in my profile.  I needed someone who could trust me with this profile and this score. And that is where MBA & Beyond came to my rescue. They were the only people to say that adcoms are not checking any boxes. They do not look for your international trips or score or any fixed parameter, for that matter. They look for diversity in each and every student. They need someone who can bring a different perspective to the class. I posted my profile on the GMAT club, and among others, MBA & Beyond’s clear, on-point response persuaded me to book a session with them. As much as my consultant trusted me and my story, I trusted him for his incredible understanding of schools.

As I started moving ahead, he helped me to get into the shoes of adcoms and then craft my essays. He gave me a questionnaire at the beginning, which was quite drilling for me. We used to break questions into different parts and then would have many brainstorming sessions over every part. And every time I felt content with my essays, he used to push me even harder, and sometimes, it was frustrating. But eventually, it all came together, and when I saw my final application, I was on cloud nine. 

I believe MBA & Beyond has put in even more effort than I have, and my consultant always considered my chances at business schools like it was his own career at stake. I would recommend MBA and Beyond to everybody who can put in effort in their application wholeheartedly.”  

MBA & B had this unique process that identifies the candidate’s unique personality traits and helps build the application around them. The framework has unlimited questions, which helped me to find out specific anecdotes in my life where I showcased those traits. Once identified, my consultant, helped me craft my story so as to deliver the maximum impact. 

I found them to be very quick to respond, honest, and knowledgeable. I especially found my consultant very skillful and patient in helping me prepare for mock interviews. Even after our first mock interview, I felt so much more prepared and knowledgeable about how to convey certain stories and how to speak confidently.

MBA & Beyond’s team was far better than other consultants I’ve seen my friends and workmates rely on. My consultant dug deep underneath the surface, remembered critical details about me, and really pushed me to produce great content.

I can 100% vouch for MBA & Beyond and especially recommend them if you are applying to  M7.”

Moreover, MBA and Beyond’s willingness to display both positive and negative reviews on their website demonstrates their commitment to transparency and authenticity. This approach has instilled trust in me that the MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews and testimonials on the website accurately reflect the experiences of their applicants.

Overall, the MBAANDBEYOND.COM Reviews page on their website provides valuable insights for individuals seeking MBA admission consulting services. The testimonials offer a glimpse into the level of expertise, personalized attention, and application support provided by the panel of consultants.

In conclusion, the MBAANDBEYOND.COM Review can be very well followed for honest feedback by successful applicants who have indeed worked with them.