How To Choose The Right Lingerie 2022


It is important to know how to choose the lingerie that enhances your beauty! Here are the tips that will help you in choosing the most suitable women’s underwear for your figure, containment for plus sizes, from the choice of color, to the right bra, from briefs to sexy thong and all the most seductive lingerie that will improve your shapes.

To please and like yourself it is important to feel at ease, in clothing , for example, from dresses to shoes and, especially for us women, it is also important to always have your hair in place, well-groomed, and good make-up .

An important part in clothing is certainly underwear , so you have to make the right choices when buying lingerie. On the market, however, there are many companies that offer women’s lingerie items dedicated to all women, from teenagers to more mature women and even maternity models but to buy from the best lingerie manufacturers is better.

How to choose lingerie?

A well-chosen piece of lingerie will make you accept your body better, because you will feel beautiful, sexy and comfortable!

Choosing underwear is very important, first of all for comfort but also for seduction .

Here are some tips that will help you in choosing comfortable, beautiful and seductive lingerie .

Which bra to choose for generous breasts or small ones?

The question may seem obvious, but there are many people who cannot find the one that suits them best.

Eight out of ten women wear the wrong size bra , for example.

Then there are the tastes, there are those who prefer a more aggressive, sexy lingerie, while others choose simpler garments, perhaps in more natural fabric. Important: Underwear should not be noticed under clothing, as it will ruin any outfit .

It is therefore essential to choose underwear with properties that are in harmony with the clothing making each outfit more sensual.

Finding the right bra

It is not always easy to find the right bra, especially for large sizes , which combines comfort and aesthetics . First of all you need to calculate the size of the bra to choose the right size, even for large sizes , up to the F cup , there are sexy models, which however guarantee the right containment. While for those with small breasts , there are push-up models that, with small padding in the cups, give volume and the right fit.

A bra that fits your size will add value to your clothes: they will simply fall better!

And you will certainly feel more at ease.

The same goes for briefs .

If your curves are abundant and with a very pronounced B-side , it is better to choose containment briefs that hide cellulite but make your curves harmonious under trousers and skirts.

Make sure that the briefs are the right size: they must not be tight, because they would compress the skin leaving marks; on the contrary, those that are too wide would wrinkle creating creases under the clothes and then they would not contain the B side well.

Under the dress…

The ideal underwear items under tight-fitting clothing are thongs and thongs : they are certainly not the most comfortable, but they are the solution to avoiding the seams being seen under the clothes.

If you really can’t stand them, an alternative is the women’s boxers , they are very soft, they adhere well to the body and are seamless.

How to hide the belly?

On the market you can find modeling briefs that help to erase a little belly, giving an immediate ” flat stomach ” effect .

Among the underwear items are available microfibre bodysuits , slightly containing which, without compressing too much, make the figure harmonious and elegant, slimming it a little.

The classic underwear

The linen can certainly not miss the classic underwear, that of cotton , preferably white: soft, without heavy seams and with delicate lines, the cotton underwear reduces the risk of irritation , redness and allergies .

There are many brands of underwear that have a line of seamless briefs .

Under light-colored clothes it is better to use flesh-colored lingerie , which, blending into the skin, leaves no marks even under slightly transparent garments.

The trendy underwear

When shopping for lingerie , you can’t get enough of them, so much so that you risk addiction … but shhh, that’s a secret !

  • How to choose the trendiest underwear?
  • Which color is sexier?

Do you want to be romantic ? Choose white lingerie , perhaps in lace , or with flowers and pastel shades such as pink or blue or fuchsia and make the most of your femininity .

In recent years, warm shades are the most requested, such as chocolate or coffee , which make women with fair complexions and blond hair very refined, or sophisticated colors such as purple and electric blue .

Those with darker or tanned skin can be elegantly chic in lingerie champagne or powder pink color . The red or black lingerie

is timeless and always sexy , while the material can be varied with silk , lace , chiffon and tulle or even cotton . As far as color is concerned, there are some small prohibitions or advice: if you have bursting breasts , it is better to avoid red because too much it could seem vulgar. White and beige are not recommended for those with fair skin. The fluorescent shades , very fashionable in recent years, best left to the very young.