Different kinds of underwear for men


Australia is a daring destination for all those who love beach sports. More than 10,000 beaches host many different water sports and games. To enjoy and look stunning in these sand paradises, it is essential to wear a comfortable outfit.

Usually, one has to wear underwear and swimwear to engage actively in the beach tasks. Many stores are already in the venture of selling mens sexy underwear in Australia to cater to the people’s demand for different kinds of men’s underwear. 

There are many different kinds of underwear with countless styles. Today’s market has developed innovative and creative designs to provide the utmost comfort, especially for those who want to enjoy Australian beaches. 

So, what are the different kinds of men’s underwear available? Read further to know them. 

Men’s shorts/boxers 

These underwear are more famous now than ever but came into the market as early as the 1920s. Boxers/shorts were the first kinds of underwear in which elastics were used. It was manufactured for boxers covering one-third of the leg with a contoured pouch for comfort. 

It evolved through these years and is now available in modern designs with a fastening mechanism to give more comfort. It is now the perfect choice for relaxed evenings and weekend plans. Some famous shorts include lace shorts, sheer shorts, and pouch-enhancing shorts.

These underwear are known for their loose fit that allows airflow. It is perfect for everyday use with modern pouch technology that elevates the position and gives an excellent hold. This helps eliminate sweat retention and problems like itchiness, irritation, and rashes. 

Men’s briefs 

These are y-shaped underwears that reached the market as early as the 1930s. This form-fitting underwear became instantly famous. It was acclaimed for its bright colours and appealing prints. 

It was and still is available in two cuts, and they are mid cuts, high rise cuts, low rise cuts, lace briefs, and sheer briefs. It is mainly preferred when one needs to perform vigorous sports activities. It assures ample leg movement and gives adequate air circulation in the crotch area. 

Men’s trunks 

Trunks for men came into existence in the 1940s. It was seen as the replacement for bulkier swimwear that covered the torso. It instantly tapped the market of the style-conscious men population. It was used mainly by boxers and swimmers for its perfect fit and good support. 

Even now, it is famous for its stylish yet functional features. Common types of trunks include sports trunks and shaping trunks. Its form-fitting features make it an all-rounder, so it can be used in the workplace and when indulging in sports and water adventures. 

Men’s jockstraps 

This underwear was exclusively designed for men who rode bicycles in the 1880s. It helped them from saddle sores and offered more support with less restriction. Jockstraps have protective caps made of plastic or steel, but soft and flexible materials were later used. 

It covers the front part entirely and leaves the back bare. It is designed this way to feel breezy when involved in vigorous physical activity. Two variations under this are very famous, and they are the athletic jockstrap and fashion jockstrap. As clear as it sounds, the former is mainly used during trekking, hiking, and every other adventure, and the latter is used in the fashion industry. 

Thus, these are the top different types of underwear for men. Many stores are selling these mens sexy underwear in Australia with multiple offers. Of all the current offers, free shipping on orders over 100 dollars is stealing the market today. 

You can also purchase this highly preferred underwear to indulge in strenuous physical activity and other water sports in Australia.