Coherent raised $75M in a Series B Funding led by Maverick Capital

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Coherent, an international no-code SaaS player, said that it has concluded a $75 million fundraising round (Series B) headed by Maverick Capital, which also includes Maverick Ventures, along with other participants like GreatPoint Ventures, Owl Rock, and existing investors such as Franklin Templeton and Cathay Innovation.

Since the company’s Series A in November 2020, Coherent has seen a more than 10-fold increase in yearly recurring income and a quadrupling of its client base, which now spans six continents. This round of investment, which takes Coherent’s overall fund-raising activities to $89 million, naturally boosts the prospects of future growth within the global insurance sector and allow it to take advantage of the growing trends in brand-new business segments including banking, capital markets, and asset management.

All the logical aspects of business, that are found in a spreadsheet, including as rules, formulae, and data-based models, is automatically converted by Coherent Spark into an API (Application Programming Interface) that may swiftly link to various back and front end applications. The typical corporate cycle for software development takes months to complete, while Spark’s no-code solution does it in only minutes. Spark not only increases the return on current investments across human capital, equipment, and employee knowledge but also relieves overworked IT teams.

Prudential Financial’s Matt Taloni, who oversees software engineering, stated that they selected Coherent Spark for getting assistance in improving efficiency in the manner used for going to market with the product. Spark combines current API architecture complexity with Excel’s ease of use.

Microsoft Excel counts as one of the most commonly used business tool in the world, with over 750 million users. 59% of businesses use more than 1,000 such spreadsheets to manage crucial company activities. In spite of this, corporations have had difficulty scaling, auditing, and connecting spreadsheets to varied  business software.

As a result, businesses worldwide wind up spending $430 billion on B2B software and related services. Microsoft Excel’s versatility, familiarity and operational functionality are combined with Coherent Spark’s cloud adaptability, automated testing, integrity, and many other capabilities (enterprise-grade) to provide both huge corporations and small businesses the best of both worlds.

According to Andrew Homan, the Senior Managing Director at Maverick Capital, the company is already en route towards becoming the benchmark in the industry with regard to controlling business processes and logic in all spreadsheets. Coherent solutions have already produced notable advantages for more than 60 Fortune 500 insurance and banking organisations worldwide.

A growing network of partners, such as Microsoft Azure, Capgemini, Salesforce, Capco, Cognizant, and Synpulse, among others, also helps Coherent to increase the impact of its work.