Capchase SaaS raises $280M funding led by Sequoia Capital

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Solutions to cloud security are mostly broken, complex and fragmented. These problems are seen to arise every now and then.

Capchase has announced to have reached a milestone when it received the $100 million funding led by Sequoia Capital,  Index Ventures, Cyberstarts and Insight Partners. Within only 9 months, the company has transformed from a mere first line of codes to administering Fortune 100 customers. This huge funding is a great step towards building confidence in Wiz and the chances of attaining a unique opportunity to change the entire system of cloud security.

One of the best tools ever created for helping engineering teams is the cloud, and it has led businesses in moving faster than ever. It has enhanced the gap of visibility and knowledge in between organizations. A security team requires an understanding a business to keep it safe, but they get a mix-up of many varied solutions.

With the new announcement, Wiz is supposed to emerge from stealth with an innovative, holistic approach toward cloud security solutions, which is new in the market. The unique architecture by Wiz allows a seamless scanning of the complete cloud environment, throughout all forms of computing types and cloud services for network, vulnerabilities, identity issues and configuration, without any sidecars or agents. This solution provides 360 degrees of clear visibility for the security teams of the cloud by marking the critical risks that can happen in the cloud environment.  Their goal is to enrich the security teams in knowing their clouds even better than the developer teams. With so many pre-existing problems, it is necessary to stop stitching tools and secure the cloud in the right way.

There are several happenings in the cybersecurity market in today’s world. This can cause a bit of hesitation before trusting any company like Wiz. However, any startup that has succeeded always had the right team. At Wiz, the company has assembled a team of talented people who work amazingly, with founders who have about 15 years of experience working together. The company knows the procedure of building, iterating and scaling, they have come from getting their first cybersecurity startup acquired by Microsoft within 2.5 years to grow into an enormous R&D organization using Microsoft’s Cloud Security Group.

Currently, Wiz has the right team, the accurate investment partners and the perfect visionary customers, who work with the company in solving a huge problem that has an impact on all enterprises. With this Series A funding, they can fuel their growth throughout the year, by planning to scale the product, the customer base, as well as the team while making innovative solutions with their new approach toward cloud security. The team understands the cybersecurity industry and has experience across enterprises and startups. It sets up Wiz to lead the cloud security solutions for a new generation.