Boost Your Career Prospects With These Home Health Aide Certifications


As a home health aide, you will be working in a profession where you’ll be offering support. You’ll need to take care of patients at their homes, run errands for them, take care of their homes, and more. You may also need to help your patient travel from place to place.

Through a home health aide certification program, you’ll learn the skills necessary to work as a home health aide. You’ll learn how to care for your patients in a safe and effective manner. You’ll be taking care of patients either in their homes or in facilities for assisted care. You’ll also need to meet education standards set by the federal government, in case you want to work under an agency.

Here are the certification programs that you should choose if you want to improve your career as a home health aide:

1. Penn Foster 

If you want to study at a course where the requirements for education are exceeded across all fifty states, then Penn Foster could be exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll also have to complete an externship that extends for forty hours, as well as do skill-based training, to receive your certification.

When it comes to great certifications for home health aides overall, then the training program at Penn Foster is ideal. All the education requirements needed for home health aides to work is covered by this certification program.

You’ll learn communication skills that are therapeutic, as well as how the body system works. You’ll learn about nutrition as well as pathways for drugs. You’ll also be taught about the process of aging, ethics as well as law, and even confidentiality. You’ll learn all these skills under a mentor who has more experience. You’ll also receive assistance regarding finding your externship as well. Your course will also be online. Only your externship needs to be done on-location. This certification program also has accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.

The course will cost you $699. You also have the option of setting up monthly installments that will amount to $799. If you want to use mail to pay monthly, then your course will amount to $829.

2. Ashworth College 

If you don’t have a diploma from high school, then finding classes for professional education, that are also accredited, can be difficult. From Ashworth College, you can enjoy an online course for home health aides. You also don’t need any prerequisites in order to enrol.

This certification program will teach you how to take care of elderly patients, as well as patients with disabilities. You’ll also learn how to take care of patients who are either critically or chronically ill. The topics you’ll be covered include how to safely work in a patient’s home, about pathogens that are bloodborne, communication skills, and more.

If you pay for this course from Ashworth College in full, then this course will cost you $699. Should you opt to pay in installments each month, then the course will amount to $899. You can also enjoy assistance in finding work through the college’s career services. Keep in mind that the classes provided by this University do not meet the education requirements of several states. These include California, New Jersey, Indiana, Mississippi, Washington, and New York among others. You will also be responsible for ensuring that you pursue and complete the sixteen hours of skills training in person. This is also needed to complete your requirements for Medicare.

3. American Caregiver Association 

If you want to work independently as a home health aide, then you can take advantage of the toolkit for business building this association provides. The ACA is also a national body that provides accreditation. It provides its own courses as well, that you can enroll in. There are various courses you can opt for, including courses that will enable you to build a business as a home health aide.

In this online course, you’ll complete around 120 classroom hours. But you’ll need to independently find a way to meet the skills training in-person requirement that is federally mandated. The various topics that you’ll learn about from this course include nutrition, vital signs, hydration, skincare, grooming, and more. You’ll also receive an ID for a caregiver upon completing the course, and become a member of the ACA. There is a need for you to take an exam to complete the course, but this is an open book exam and it won’t be timed.

4. Southern Technical Institute 

If you’re a nursing assistant who is certified, and you want to branch into becoming a home health aide, then this course could be perfect for you. You’ll learn how to transfer your nursing skills to the home environment, as well as not to provide more care.

This is a fast-track course for CNAs, where most of the course can be completed online. You will however have to take a clinical exam that is of two hours, and this will be hands on. This course is based in Florida, so if you live in another state, then you will need to travel to Florida to complete this course. Alternatively, you can place a request to have a certified instructor visit your home city.

This program will cost you around $299. Through this program, you’ll be able to learn about controlling infections, the basics of home health care, body systems, and more.


There are various HHA certification programs that you can opt for, that will help you advance and progress in your career. HHA certification can enable you to learn the skills you need to succeed in your career, as well as meet several state and federal requirements. These are just some of the HHA certification programs you can opt for. If you want to learn more about HHA certification programs, then click here.

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