Best Time to Do Laundry


Laundry is one of the common household tasks that everybody does. Depending on the size of the family, some people can have more clothes to wash while others can have fewer clothes. However, doing your laundry at the right time can help you save some energy and money. 

Although the washing machine will consume the same amount of electricity whenever you wash your clothes, you can reduce your energy cost by washing your clothes at different times of the day. Actually, there is an optimum time in a day when you can wash your clothes to save energy costs. 

Usually, you can plan to wash your clothes during the off-peak hours of your energy company. During the peak hours of the company, there is a high demand for electricity, and the electricity costs are high. So, you should avoid doing laundry during peak hours. 

What Is the Best Time to Do Laundry? 

As per website, Off-peak hours are the best time to do laundry because, during that time, the electricity charges are low. The time between 8 pm and 7 am is the best to do laundry. But the peak hours of energy companies keep changing depending on season and location. For instance, electricity demand is high during the summer months, but it is low during the winter months. 

Also, you can know more about the peak hours of your energy company from its official website. Once you know this, you can plan to do laundry accordingly. You shouldn’t do laundry from 4 pm to 8 pm because these are peak hours and people return from work during this time. 

During the summer days, the time from 10 Am to 8 Pm are considered peak hours. Demand for electricity is high during these hours. Hours from 7 am to 9 am are the peak hours during the winter season. Therefore, you should always plan to do your laundry some other time instead of doing it in peak hours. 

How To Save Money and Energy When Doing Laundry?

Here are some tips that you can follow to do laundry efficiently. 

  • Consider Cold Water Wash 

Around 90% of the energy consumed by a washing machine is used to heat the water. So, if you choose warm water or cold water instead of hot water, you can save a lot of energy. But when it is essential, you must use hot water to wash your clothes. 

  • Air Dry Your Clothes 

Instead of drying your clothes in the machine, you can air dry them to save energy and energy costs. This will also increase the shelf life of your clothes. 

  • Wash Large Loads 

Whether you wash a little number of clothes or a greater number of clothes, the machine is going to use the same amount of energy. So, to use the electricity efficiently, you can wash large loads of laundry but don’t go for too large loads because it can damage the machine. 


All of us do laundry tasks in our homes but washing our clothes at a specific time of the day can save some energy and money. So, you should consider washing your clothes during off-peak hours to use electricity efficiently.   

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