BARA MANGA is a slang name for gay manga, a prominent form of Japanese art and media in that country. The genre was created by homosexual men for a gay man audience and focuses mostly on male same-sex relationships. Although the visual style and plot of Bara can vary, its main characters are frequently strong-willed men with varying degrees of muscle, body fat, and body hair, comparable to bear or bodybuilder culture. Bara is predominantly pornographic, but because it acknowledges the numerous ways that homosexuality is perceived in modern Japan, the genre has also included sentimental and personal content. Gay manga creators do not always agree with the term bara being used to describe homosexual Japanese comic art because it is predominantly a non-Japanese phenomenon.


The Japanese word bara, which means rose in its literal translation, has long been used as a derogatory slur for gay men, roughly equal to the English word “pansy.”

The Japanese word bara, which means rose literally, has long been used as a derogatory nickname for gay men. It is roughly equal to the word pansy in English. With the publication of the 1961 anthology Ba-ra-kei: Ordeal by Roses, which included a collection of semi-naked photographs of gay writer Yukio Mishima by photographer Eikoh Hosoe, and later with Barazoku in 1971, the first commercially produced gay magazine in Asia, the term was once again used by Japanese gay media beginning in the 1960s.


homosexuality in the perspective of Japanese art

The musha-e print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Representations of homosexuality in Japanese visual art have a history and context dating to the Muromachi period, as seen in Chigo no sshi, a collection of illustrations and stories on relationships between Buddhist monks and their adolescent male acolytes, and shunga erotic woodblock prints from the Edo period.


Sellia Crystal Tunnels is the name of one of the Minor Dungeons in the Caelid Region of Elden Ring. It is an optional dungeon with a miniboss by the name of Foe and a few priceless items. To aid you in navigating this dungeon, finding all of its riches, and providing guidance on how to deal with its enemies, this article provides information on the location, a walkthrough, and a lesson.

How to go to Sellia Crystal Tunnel

Despite being in Caelid, this Dungeon can be entered rather early in the game. By cracking open the box in the Dragon-Burnt Ruins near Lake Agheel, Limgrave, you can partially enter this dungeon. From Sellia, Town of Sorcery, you can easily reach this Dungeon by travelling directly northwest.

A brazier outside will help to illuminate the cave’s entrance, which is concealed in a cliff face not far from Sellia’s westernmost walls.You will emerge into a cave with a Site of Grace after passing through a brief tunnel.

Sellia Crystal Tunnel

The Sellia Crystal Tunnel’s guide

Left of the Site of Grace, a body is holding something. After climbing the ladder to the right of the room, you will enter a large cavern with 2 Lesser Kindred of Rot and Crystal Miners. Along the left side of the area, this chamber has numerous deposits of Smithing Stone and Cracked Crystal. In the wooden cabin to the left of the entryway, a corpse is holding a Golden Rune.