Athenahealth vs. Aesthetics Pro: Which is Better in 2022?


Electronic medical records (EMR) software enables healthcare providers to streamline day-to-day tasks, stay on top of patient needs, and improve workflow efficiency – all in an intuitive interface. However, the proliferation of these medical software applications has created excessive complexity when it comes to picking the most suitable solution for one’s medical practice. You have to choose the best fit for your facility and also use it in the right direction in order to achieve the desired results from your EHR implementation. While most popular EMR software applications offer similar features, no two solutions are precisely the same.  

Two high-quality medical software systems available on the market, Athena EMR and Aesthetics Pro offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to help providers optimize practice efficiency and keep focused on improving the quality of patient care. Both share some similar features and help practices improve healthcare outcomes, but they each serve different audience segments and go about electronic medical recording differently. 

Here we’ll compare their features, pricing plans, and overall design side by side, so that you can pick a software that works best for your healthcare facility. Ready? Let’s get into it.

Athena EMR vs. AetheticsPro: An Overview

Athenahealth EHR offers comprehensive medical software for healthcare businesses of all sizes. It is a reliable platform for organizations and practices that want to deliver the best patient care possible while improving financial results. The software provides robust EHR and practice management features, patient engagement tools, and other best-in-class services that take most of the administrative burden off the front-desk staff. AthenaOne by athenahealth is a comprehensive medical software suite that also includes powerful reporting and practice management capabilities. It offers scheduling, patient charting, electronic prescribing, and telehealth tools alongside medical billing features. Athena EHR solutions stand apart with data-driven insights that the software generates from its largest network in healthcare. These insights help practices reach new heights of success, efficiency, and performance.

AestheticsPro, formerly known as Aesthetic Pro Online, offers a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant medical spa management solution for medical aesthetic businesses. The software offers a secure platform to help users keep all patient records in a centralized location so that they can boost clinical efficiency. This all-inclusive package combines client management, staff management, and other point-of-sale solutions within a suite. It is easy-to-use and enables users to streamline their day-to-day tasks more efficiently. Patients can set their own appointments, giving providers more time to focus on improving care outcomes. Not only this, but the software also fosters a strong relationship between patients and providers and enables spa specialists to comply with all the regulatory requirements. 

A Comparison of Features

athena medical software and AestheticsPro are two popular EMR platforms that offer advanced tools to help providers stay on top of patient needs and optimize workflow efficiency. However, the two products differ significantly in their features and serve specific use cases. You should definitely consider all this before choosing a software that will become your most used tool.

Athena EHR Salient Features

Here will give you a quick overview of athenahealth’s most important features:

Appointment Scheduling 

AthenaOne offers a powerful scheduling tool that empowers you front-desk staff to quickly view your clinic’s calendar through a filterable dashboard. It allows patients to schedule or reschedule their appointments via the patient portal.


Athena EMR reviews vouch for the fact that the software’s interoperability tools facilitate seamless sharing of patient healthcare data across other practices and vice versa.

Patient Intake

The includes comprehensive patient notes that clearly display medical conditions, medications history, and allergies alongside a patient’s visit history, waiting room status, and vitals.

Customizable Reports

Reporting is the software’s bread and butter feature. Its customizable reports come with virtually unlimited filters. These filters give users access to data-driven insights, which they can use to improve their practice performance.

Patient Portal

Patients can use this patient portal feature to communicate with their providers around the clock, request prescription refills, and get follow-up notifications. They can also update their medical information and contact details.

My AesteheticsPro Salient Features

Aesthetics Pro software offers a robust feature set to help pa specialists improve patient care and the operational health of practices:


The software simplifies the whole electronic prescribing process for med spa specialists. It supports seamless integration with pharmacies to reduce errors and eliminate delays in prescription handling. Moreover, this HIPAA-compliant solution offers instant access to patient history to reduce the occurrence of any potential drug interactions.

Marketing Solution

AestheticsPro allows medical spa businesses to grow with its tech-savvy CRM solution that offers campaign management with email marketing and campaign tracking tools.

Client Management

Spa specialists can manage clients like a pro using the software’s client relationship management tool. It gives users full visibility into client profiles to assist them with overall medical spa management. On top of this, it allows them to create comprehensive client profiles where one can view electronic records, visit history, invoices, etc.

Pricing Comparison

  • athenahealth EHR pricing plan starts at $140 per month per provider. This package does not include any medical billing or medical practice management tools.
  • AestheticsPro offers a variety of software packages to fit the needs of spa businesses with varying budgets. The basic pricing plan of this software starts at $125 per month.

Wrapping Up

Finding the medical software solution for your specific practice needs isn’t a walk-in-the-park. The “best” option for you will be the one that will align seamlessly with your practice workflows and requirements. athena EMR is a top-rated software solution with advanced tools EHR, practice management, reporting, and billing tools for various medical specialties and healthcare businesses. AestheticsPro, on the other hand, is offered specifically for medical spa businesses looking for a technology-driven solution to centralize client records and improve the quality of care. We highly recommend that you try out product demos and consider the cost structures of both options before finalizing your decision.
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