Advantages and Benefits of proctoring software for online examinations


The mode of taking exams has been shifted to online because of the outburst of COVID-19. Numerous educational institutes and universities have faced big difficulties to satisfy the prototype of offline exams. The biggest difficulty in front of them was to evaluate without concern any deceitful actions. The proctoring software enables to the observation of the students through a webcam and assists in transferring the information to the proctored service for consideration. The need for online proctoring has risen not only for colleges\schools students but for students who want to clear their entrance examinations to get admission to an overseas foreign institute.

Online proctoring offers numerous advantages to the students and the institutions which are justified below. So, the top benefits of the proctored examination are-


The students can give online assessments from home because it eradicates the involvement of people. Unlike the offline method of assessment, the procedure was so time-consuming whereas the online method of assessment saves the efforts and the time of the individuals and that makes the whole procedure agile.


The basic distinction between the online and the offline method of giving examinations is that offline, you are required to pay extra attention to prevent any dishonest activity. While online proctoring is a safe and secure mode to observe the students while giving the assessment. By using the online examination web application and online examination mobile app, institutions can now simply execute any basic level of assessment to the main examination utilizing an online platform that decreases the overall complexity.

A large number of students can give the examination

Online proctoring enables a large number of students to give an examination from anywhere where they are comfortable. Such convenience has made online proctoring a good option for educational institutes as well as for students.

Cutting-edge monitoring features

Another benefit of proctored examinations is an advanced Artificial Intelligence integrated tool that has taken online proctoring to the next level. It is due to machine learning and cutting-edge face recognition tools or technology that can provide accurate, concise outcomes and is a plus point that can beat human proctors. Such progressive features can assist institutions and organizations to acquire a higher level of virtue by eradicating bias or human mistakes.

Quick results

Online examinations provide fast results because of the proctoring software. The students can get their results and assess the examination quickly. Also, if students are given the objective examination, then as soon as they complete their examination, the result will be given on the spot, whereas, if they give a subjective examination, the result may come in a few days.

Cost-effective option

As a large number of supervisors are not involved during an online examination, this decreases the institution’s cost of executing the exam. An online method is the quickest method of executing the exam where institutes are required to expend their money on software to upload the questions and students’ genuine details into the software. This decreases the overhead price of printing the answer sheets and question paper for a large number of students.


The students are leveraged from the remote proctoring examination as they do not require to travel to the examination center for giving an examination. They can simply appear for the examination while sitting at home. They only require a fast internet connection to give examinations smoothly. Therefore, online proctoring software is a suitable method of giving exams to a large number of students.

Easy to use for candidates

Giving an online examination is simpler for the students because first, they can give the examination while sitting at home, and second, they can re-edit the composed material which was not feasible while giving the examination on paper. Therefore, online proctoring comes with great advantages for students.

Atmosphere friendly and saves a lot of time

Remote proctoring encourages environmental friendliness because it saves the usage of paper. Also, it preserves time for the administrator right from making question papers, counting genuine student information, and assessing the answer sheets. All can be done with computerized technology without human intervention. Thus, online proctoring is a time-saving and environment-friendly tool and has a massive demand nowadays.

Tracking option

Online proctoring is of numerous types like advanced, and online proctoring where the student is being scrutinized through video, audio, and webcam. The live online proctoring software provides authentic and accurate highlights from the student’s examination. Online tracking assists the administrator in observation of the student throughout the examination whether they are doing their exam alone or with friends. This reduces dishonest practices and deceptive acts by a candidate. Tracking allows end-to-end safety with appropriate measures.

Reduce the chance of misleading activity

Throughout the examinations, candidates were found cheating on the answer sheet of their fellow partners in the exam center hall. Therefore, with online proctoring, the possibilities of cheating and other deceptive acts get eradicated because, throughout the examination, there is someone (proctor) who is keeping an eye on you. So, you cannot cheat and thus, this will hold the decency of giving examinations.

Technical support

Another benefit to the candidates during an online examination is that they can ask for specialized support anytime if any problem appears in between the examinations. The proctor will also assist in identifying the issue and getting it corrected as soon as possible. So, the candidates should not be anxious and do not let small issues influence their examinations.

To conclude

With every single thing getting virtualized, the method of the exam is also becoming online for the improvement of the students. Ignoring examinations can conquer the bright future of students. Hence, online proctoring is the resolution.

These were some of the benefits of the proctored examination. It evolves into an urgent requirement for the whole world after the outburst of the COVID-19 situation. Online examinations are suitable for both the proctor and the candidates. Also, every feasible action is taken to prevent deceptive activities during an examination. The proctored examinations are timed examinations and hence, students get a fixed time for accessing the internet, and the possibility of cheating gets decreased. The online exam is becoming the simplest and most suitable method of giving exams with the assistance of online proctoring software. Therefore, it proves to be a budget-friendly method.

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