7 Ways to Remove All Tension From Your Body


There are many things in our lives that often leave us stressed, worried, and anxious. It could be work, family, school, or just about anything else.

The reality is that you can’t really avoid strong emotions because they are part of life. But these emotions can cause tension in the body.

Nothing good comes from being tensed up because tension can build up, resulting in physical effects like body aches. Tension can also lead to emotional disorders such as anxiety disorders and depression.

Let’s take a look at ways you can remove all tension from your body:

1. Identify the Problem

A big part of managing tension is identifying that you’re tensed up. You’ll be surprised how many people go about all tense up without realizing it.

You may not be able to address the reason behind your tension but knowing that you’re tense and pinpointing the affected areas is important.

Body areas like the shoulders, lower back, neck, chest, and stomach are prone to tension. Knowing which parts of the body are affected allows you to use targeted relief techniques.

2. Let Nature Heal You

Humans have always been attached to nature. The natural sounds and landscape can help you de-stress and relax.

But the benefits go further than that, as various studies have linked nature to reduced blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones like cortisol.

Exposure to nature in whatever form it comes may be what you need to get rid of tension. You could go to the park, tend to plants, sit near a body of water watching the sun rise or set, etc.

3. Try PMR

A technique known as Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) has proven helpful in relieving tension and even stress.

The technique triggers relaxation through a series of exercises where you deliberately tense your muscles and relax them continuously.

The more you use PMR to aid in relaxation, the easier it gets. You’ll automatically resort to the technique whenever you feel tense.

4. Use Herbal Teas

Tea can be perfectly soothing on its own if you’re a tea lover, although some herbal teas do have properties that can help relieve tension.

Herbs like ashwagandha, chamomile, and lavender are known to promote relaxation. Mint teas such as lemon balm are also effective in relieving tension and aiding sleep.

5. Try Cannabis

It’s not surprising that weed is mostly legal in the United States. The plant has broken long-held misconceptions and has proven to be highly beneficial.

Among the many benefits of weed is that it eases stress and tension, promoting relaxation.

Considering the effects of cannabis are tied to its many strains, it’d be best to talk to an expert and explain to them what you’re looking for. Your local budtender can help you determine which strain is best for you.

6. Sing Out Loud

Music offers one of the best ways to channel your worries. It has the power to move you from one mental state to another and can make you forget that you’re emotionally troubled.

You should try singing out loud to popular tunes or listening to your favorite playlist.

Listening to a slow, moving song would have a similar effect to singing along and dancing to your favorite dance music. They both get you to loosen up and enjoy the moment as it is, which is what you need to get rid of tension.

7. Take a Hot Shower

Hot water therapy has been used for ages to reduce physical tension and stress. Heated water causes tense muscles to relax and has been linked to decreased cortisol secretion, a stress hormone.

Heat water to a degree that feels comfortable. You could submerge yourself in a bathtub or let the hot water run from head to toe touching every tense area on the body.

As you’re taking a shower, try focusing on the feeling of warmth on your skin and let that be the only thing on your mind. Staying in the moment and not thinking about anything else will speed up the relaxation process.

8. Engage in Fun Activities and Games

Having fun with games can improve serotonin levels, reduce anxiety symptoms, and promote enthusiasm in other areas of your life. Playing mindful games with your family and friends, such as backgammon, ludo, carrom, foosball, etc., can put you in a state of flow where you can forget your worries and release tension from your body.

Playing games often causes you to laugh a lot, which releases dopamine and makes you feel good and relaxed.

Final Thoughts

Tension is your body’s way of telling you that your emotions are physically affecting you. Too much of it and it could lead to more serious problems, but with simple practices like those we’ve shared, you can release all that tension from your body.

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