4 Things You Must Remember Before Starting Your Own Kebab Shop


Who doesn’t love doner kebabs? Meanwhile, kebabs being one of Australia’s most popular fast-food dishes, a kebab shop could be a very profitable venture in the Australian fast-food market. In fact, a survey suggests that one out of every five Aussies eats outside an average of 10 times a week. So if you have all your business plans in place, ordering that commercial-grade kebab machine would be a good idea. 

So, although setting up a kebab shop might seem like an easy task, many things must be taken into consideration. For instance, what should be your budget? What are the various types of kebab machines? How to choose a suitable locality? Well, if you want to find out the answers to these questions, read on!

Things to Consider Before Starting a Kebab Shop

Setting up a kebab shop is not as easy as it seems. And ordering in a commercial-grade kebab machine isn’t the end of all your worries. So here are some things that you must keep in mind while starting out your own kebab shop venture:

  1. Budget 

Deciding on a budget is one of the most vital things while starting out any business venture. To kick off, an initial investment of around AUD 100,000 should be good enough. And this capital includes the payment of salaries, rent, and equipment costs. 

This figure might seem to be on the expensive side, but a kebab venture would definitely be profitable and would yield a good return on investment once it takes off (but only if you do it correctly). 

  1. Locality

If you have made up your mind to start a kebab venture, you need to choose the right location for it to be profitable. So you may conduct an in-depth study about your desired location’s demographic to gauge or predict future profitability. Moreover, check out all the competition in the surrounding area to gauge the scope of growth for the future.

  1. Make Sure You Have All Your Equipment in Place

Before starting a kebab business, make sure you have a checklist of all the needed equipment. And if you haven’t yet made one, here is one to help you out:

  • Commercial grade kebab machine 
  • Freezer 
  • Ventilation
  • Chargrills 
  • Basic kitchen tools
  • Fryers 
  1. In-Depth Knowledge About the Various Types of Kebab Machines

If you intend to open a kebab shop, this one goes without saying: you need to have comprehensive knowledge regarding the different types of commercial-grade kebab machines currently available on the market. And with a multitude of options to choose from, here are the most popular types of kebab machines you can currently find:

  • Slider and angled burner 
  • Electric-type burner 
  • Swing and angled burner 
  • Gas or electrical kebab machine

Starting a kebab shop in Australia might seem like a profitable venture and is one if you get off the ground well. As such, setting a budget, making the appropriate checklists, and hiring the right crew can give rise to a business that will be the town’s favourite for years to come. So get the initial steps right, follow all the tips mentioned in the above article, and make the best out of your kebab business. Also, get the perfect kebab machine that helps you grow your business and attract more customers.