3 Things You Shouldn’t Miss While Choosing a Baby Dress


The phase of becoming a new parent is memorable. As you get closer to your due date with every passing day, you’ll most likely wonder whether you’ve picked the right dresses or not. Meanwhile, it’s no big deal to get nervous as every new parent gets overwhelmed in this phase of life. 

As such, with the best baby dresses and a well-prepared room, you’ll be ready to welcome the newest member into your home. However, if you’ve not picked the dresses yet, visit the best Australian online stores and get started. But before you decide on a dress, you must consider a few things. 

You won’t wish to miss out on a few essential considerations while picking your baby’s dress. After all, it’s a matter of your newborn’s comfort and fit. So here are three things you should never overlook while picking dresses:

  1. Fabrics Used 

Your little one has entered this world and has joined your family. Congratulations! The first thing you’d want to do is dress your precious little boy or dear little girl in a bright, adorable outfit to complement their cuteness. However, at times, those adorable dresses can give your infant rashes or skin irritation. Culprit? The fabrics of those dresses. 

Baby dresses made of materials like polyester and nylon can upset your baby’s skin. They aren’t breathable and won’t absorb moisture, causing skin sensitivity. Thus, when picking dresses, choose those made from natural cotton. And the best alternatives to cotton are soy-based fabrics, as they are silky smooth and sustainable. But dresses made of organic cotton should be your first preference.

  1. Size

Purchasing a beautiful baby gown for your little girl only to find it too small to fit her is a waste of effort and time. So make sure you buy dresses that suit your infant. The right size will be comfortable for their body and enable them to move freely. Also, babies grow fast, so make sure you consider their growth rate while buying the dresses. 

If you’re confused about which size will be a perfect fit for your little one, check the standard measurements on the dresses. Besides, it becomes easier when you buy online as the product description mentions the size explicitly for a seamless shopping experience. 

Despite all that, if you still can’t decide on sizes, which is not a big deal, go for something bigger as it will not be a complete waste. Also, choose dresses that are easy to wear and take off. Amid the hassles of a diaper change, burping, and feeding, buying something like onesies would be the last thing you’d want to do. 

Pick dresses that come with zippers and snaps, not buttons. Also, don’t go for something too fancy; instead, stick to practicality while picking dresses. 

  1. Functionality & Style 

Considering the functionality of your baby dress is essential. Your newborn will spend most of their day sleeping, so it’s best to buy something comfortable like a gown for them. Also, for style, choose something easy to wear and take off. Finally, pick an easily washable dress. 

With this comprehensive buying guide on baby dresses, gifting a new parent or dressing a baby will be easier than ever. So, buy the best set of dresses from one of the top Australian online stores today. Your little prince and princess will look like adorable little munchkins in the right clothes, and you can flood your Instagram feed with cute pictures and show them off to the world.